The 36 best premium and free apps for Android

The best music and video creation apps for Android

Caustic: best Android music-making app

Speaking of Korg Gadget, the hugely impressive Caustic 3’s in a similar space. Inspired by old-school rack-mount rigs, this app enables you to choose from 14 tiny synths, which can be played live or coaxed into performing your next chart-topper by way of the song sequencer.

Caustic is quite involved once you go beyond randomly tapping away at a keyboard, but it’s intuitive. Importantly, it’s also powerful and capable, with configurable effects units and a mixing desk.

The download is free and full-featured, but to save or export you’ll need the 599 Caustic Unlock Key. That still seems like a bargain to us.

Download Caustic 3 (free)

KORG iKaossilator: best Android synth

Android’s not exactly drowning in synths, and so KORG Kaossilator fills a gap. Eschewing a traditional piano, the app instead has you swipe and tap a touch panel. All the while, coloured pulses explode in the background, in an odd marriage of tempo and school disco lighting.

Loads of great sounds are preloaded, covering a range of electronic styles, and if you get properly into the app, you can record and layer up to five musical parts. It’s not quite Korg Gadget for Android, but it’s a top synth suitable for beginners and old-hands alike.

Download KORG Kaossilator for Android (₹1050)

djay 2: best Android DJ app

People will probably look at you a bit weird when you’re sitting on the train, frantically DJing away using two tiny virtual decks on your smartphone. They don’t know what they’re missing.

Djay 2 might verge on the ridiculous at times, but it’s also a hugely capable app. You can intelligently match songs, set looping and cue points, mess round with effects and samplers, and delve into waveforms.

For pros, it’s a viable option for figuring out sets. For everyone else, it’s a chance to unleash your inner David Guetta for the price of a coffee

Download djay 2 (222.98)

PowerDirector: best Android video editor

If there’s proof Android doesn’t need to end up second-best when it comes to creative fare, you’ll find it in PowerDirector. This app in many ways echoes Apple’s iMovie, in providing you with a user-friendly but powerful video editor.

Clips and stills can quickly be arranged, rotated and trimmed, titles can be added, and you get a decent set of transitions to experiment with, including slow-motion effects. For free, you get access to everything. Pay the one-off IAP (₹65) to rid movies of watermarks and export at up to 4K.

Download PowerDirector (free + IAP)