The 36 best premium and free apps for Android

The best Android travel, weather and health apps

Google Maps: best Android maps app

Chances are, you’ve already got this beauty installed on your Android device. If not, what are you waiting for? Google’s mapping app is the best around, with excellent routing by car, public transport, or bike/foot. But it’s more than just a massive map.

You get Street View for nosing around selected spots (including national monuments – and a TARDIS, if you can find it) by way of panoramas, fast access to information about local amenities and entertainment, and an offline mode. That last one enables you to save a chunk of a map to your device, using it as a turn-by-turn driving aid even when you’ve no internet connection.

Download Google Maps (free)

Weather Timeline: best Android weather app

Weather apps are tricky to get right. Some fire information at your face like a weather facts blunderbuss. Others offer a pretty gradient with a single icon. Weather Timeline cuts through the dross, balancing information and lush visuals.

Current conditions are displayed on a little card, below which are hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts. You also get graphs for weather geeks, an interactive map, notifications, alternate source selections, widgets, and a rainfall forecast that’s perfect for figuring out whether you might drown if you dare walk the dog before lunch.

Download Weather Timeline - Forecast (₹85)

Alarmy: best Android alarm clock

You might baulk at a clock that costs cash, but avoid the free version, because you don’t want adverts stinking up your alarm clock. What you do want is an app that’ll get you to crawl out of bed – something Alarmy excels at, justifying the outlay.

You can use it like a boring, standard alarm clock, but the ‘mission’ settings are better – maths problems, and a mode that makes you vigorously throttle your phone to make it shut up. Best of all is photo mode, which forces you to traipse to a pre-defined location before blissful silence arrives. And short of restarting your phone, it can’t be fooled.

Download Alarmy (₹140)

Runkeeper: best Android exercise app

If you're putting yourself through a fitness grind alone, this virtual back-patter will help spur you on. It tracks all your runs, walks and rides, then does the maths to tell you (and the entire world via social media, if that’s your thing) how many calories you’ve burnt, how far you’ve gone and generally how heroic you’ve been of late.

Should you get heavily into the app and hanker for more, you can upgrade to Runkeeper Go. This unlocks deeper insights, workout plans, and live broadcasts, so you can show off in a sickening manner to all your unfit friends.

Download Runkeeper (free)