The 25 PlayStation 4 games that every collection needs


A PS4 reimagining of a 14-year-old PS2 game that was already remastered on PS3 – yawn, right? You'd think so, but this is Ratchet & Clank, and Insomniac games certainly didn't snooze on the job.

The platform-action classic has been overhauled nearly top to bottom to feel like a totally modern game, but still packing in oodles of personality and fantastic weapons. Plus it very well may be the most stunning game ever to hit the PlayStation 4.

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The original Titanfall didn't end up on PS4, but don't worry – you can pick right up with the new Titanfall 2 and not feel like you're out of the loop. That's especially helpful, too, since Titanfall 2 offers up a sizable improvement over the first entry.

As ever, this is a first-person military shooter in which you'll sometimes hop into a towering juggernaut of a mech suit, which yes, livens things up dramatically. Titanfall 2 delivers a really sharp and refined single-player campaign now, but it's the raucous multiplayer action that'll keep you coming back.

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Knocking around a football as a four-wheeler sounds mighty dumb – and it is, but in the very best way possible. Rocket League is utterly ridiculous, tossing you into a stadium as a little car or truck as you try to score goals with an oversized ball, but it provides some of the most fun we've had playing anything on the PS4.

And the high-level play, complete with dazzling moves and saves, offers something to aspire to. It even now has a basketball mode!

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