The 25 PlayStation 4 games that every collection needs


Bethesda has made some of the finest games of all time, and we say that Fallout 4 is the studio's greatest work to date. Best of the best? Believe it.

Fallout 4 isn't dramatically different in many ways from the ace template established with Fallout 3, but it's a larger, more engrossing open-world experience. The plot and characters are great, the combat is improved, and the ability to craft and construct just generates more opportunities for obsession. So dig in already.

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Journey provides an amazing online cooperative experience, but you'll never (intentionally) match up with your mates, chat with your partner, or even know his/her PSN ID: this stunning, contemplative puzzler challenges you to work together and form a bond without speech of any kind.

The result is a quiet but emotionally powerful and mesmerizing trek across the desert as you marvel at each new scenario. It began life on PS3, but it's no less essential now.


"But I've already played Grand Theft Auto V!" you say. To which we reply: there's so much new content in this exhaustive update that it's practically a new game.

Never mind the graphical overhaul – which leaves the mean streets of Los Santos looking better than they ever have – or the new weapons and missions and vehicles. The real change for the PS4 is the all-new first-person mode, which gives you a whole new perspective on Grand Theft Auto, turning it into an FPS to rival the likes of Far Cry.

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Continuing the tough-as-nails legacy of the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne is one of our absolute favourite PS4 exclusives to date.

Sure, it's extremely challenging, but that level of difficulty manages to pull you in rather than push you away, getting you deeply involved in its brutal action.

You'll need tenacity as much as skill to get very far in this extensive fantasy quest, but if you have a high tolerance for frustration, it will be rewarded with intense satisfaction.

Of course, you could instead opt for the recently released (and equally essential) Dark Souls III but Bloodborne's PS4-only status gets it the nod from us for this list.

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