The 25 PlayStation 4 games that every collection needs

UPDATED: Got a PS4? You should play these games first

Whether you have the enhanced PlayStation 4 Pro or the still-plenty-powerful original PS4 model (or Slim revision), you really can't lose: you have access to the best console game library today.

Not only does the PlayStation 4 have a hearty selection of AAA third-party games, but it also has a more consistently appealing selection of indie experiences – as well as some really spectacular releases from Sony's own studios.

Just grabbed either PS4 model, or simply looking to refresh your own library? You're in luck: here are our picks for the 25 best PS4 games available today, stretching all the way back from the launch lineup through to the top picks of right now.

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Marvel's famed wall-crawler has starred in a few great games over the years, but he's also been in some clunkers… and it's been a good, long while since the last stellar one. Thankfully, Marvel's Spider-Man sets the new standard for web-swinging fun.

Insomniac Games' PS4 exclusive puts an incredibly entertaining new take on the familiar hero, and it's a blast to just swing around New York City, seek out collectables, battle classic villains, and unlock a whole bunch of special suits along the way. Some of the open-world bits feel formulaic and tossed in to check a box, but so much of Spider-Man's core is brilliant.


Worried that the rage-fueled, hack-and-slash action of God of War would be left back in a different era? Worry not: with the simply-titled God of War, Sony has found a way to update the old formula without losing what made it so appealing in the past. And it's simply brilliant.

God of War sees Kratos on another epic adventure, but instead of singlehandedly ravaging foes, he'll quest alongside his young son. That adds a new kind of dynamic to the action, as does the Norse-flavoured world, but there's still plenty of jaw-dropping, axe-swing action in the mix. Like Horizon: Zero Dawn, it's the kind of meaty, memorable exclusive worth buying a PS4 for.

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Fortnite didn't become the biggest thing in gaming for nothing: the game's addictive blend of punchy gunplay and strategic building mechanics helped elevate it atop the battle royale pack, and it's one of the must-play PS4 multiplayer games right now. Also, it's free.

Each match drops you and up to 99 opponents onto a large map, and you'll fight to the finish until just one player, duo, or squad remains standing. The colourful, cartoonish hook makes it a bit more compelling than the drab PUBG, while the ever-changing environment and gameplay elements keep things endlessly fresh despite the single map (as of this writing).