The 25 best Xbox One games that every collection needs

UPDATED: All the latest and greatest picks for Microsoft's console
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Whether you have the original Xbox One or the upgraded Xbox One S, one thing is for sure: you'll want to play the best of the best games around right now. Right?

Of course. And we're here to help with that endeavour, with our newly-updated list of the 25 best Xbox One games to play today. You'll find a broad selection of titles within, from big-budget shooters to mesmerising indie charmers – and everything in between.

And, while our list does tend towards newer releases, since we refresh the selection regularly and tend to replace older picks with comparable recent selections, you'll also find some older Xbox One favorites you might've missed the first time around.


It looks more beautiful than the Mona Lisa in motion on an Xbox One X, but the seventh main entry in the Forza series is so much more than a 4K tech demo. With a garage filled to bursting point with 700 of the most iconic cars ever driven, and an all-new dynamic weather system that can see bright sunshine one lap and torrential rain the next, there’s a huge amount of variety to keep you racking up those laps.

Really though, it’s the fantastic balance between beginner-friendly arcade inspired driving and hardcore, simulation-style road battles that’ll keep you coming back for more, slowly disabling the assists until you’ve mastered the road.


We enjoyed 2014's Dragon Age: Inquisition, but it's The Witcher III: Wild Hunt that easily takes the crown for the most stunning and enthralling fantasy adventure today. It's a vast and memorable quest across a compelling land, filled with interesting characters, quests, and combat.

Even the add-on content is brilliant. Wild Hunt requires a big commitment, for sure, but this fantastic role-player can easily eat up all your time if you let it.


Overwatch is the current breakout, must-play multiplayer smash - and Blizzard's shooter shows no signs of slowing down.

With continual tweaks, gradual new hero additions and big eSports plans on the horizon, now's the time to climb aboard.

Even with a colourful and cartoonish look, Overwatch delivers some of the most satisfyingly intense combat available today, with the team-based battles finding the sweet spot between frantic blasting and smart, strategic team play.

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The Xbox One version of Resident Evil 7 may lack the VR support of the PS4 edition, but even limited to a TV, it's no less effective at scaring the life out of players. Capcom's fresh start is a welcome step away from the action-centric approach of the last few hit-or-miss entries.

What's the secret? Well, the new first-person perspective really puts you in the middle of the horror, and there's a constant level of unsettling tension as you explore the house and come face to face with its freakish inhabitants. It has a couple missteps, especially later on as combat takes center stage, but by and large RE7 is excellent. Welcome back, old friend.


Brilliantly, infuriatingly, delightfully difficult - not a combination you’d normally expect, but this fantastic retro throwback manages it. Cuphead is part boss rush, part run-and-gun side scrolling shooter, a love letter to both 16-bit classics like Gunstar Heroes, and the hand-drawn animation style of the 1930s.

Think Steamboat Mickey meets Dynamite Heddy, where every creature has wide eyes and can’t stay in one place without bopping along to a vaudeville tune - anthropomorphic dinner sets included. The music, art and animation create something truly special, but it's the way learn patterns and adapt your play style to progress past increasingly tougher bosses that gives that warm fuzzy feeling every time you pick up the controller.


Ubisoft's latest game to bear the Tom Clancy brand is a shoot-and-loot multiplayer odyssey in the vein of Destiny, but The Division elevates the formula significantly. Here, you're working as a sleeper agent in a disaster-strewn New York City, collaborating with other online players as you try to restore order.

The loot grind is hugely appealing, the role-playing elements add an even stronger hook, and the atmosphere is tremendous. Looking for one game to pour your hours into right now? Make it this one.

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Halo 5: Guardians might not have been the most rousing Xbox One return for one of Microsoft's flagship shooter series, but that's not a problem with Gears of War 4. It's the same old song and dance, for the most part, albeit with an incredible level of polish and pure, dumb fun.

Gears 4 picks up 25 years after the last numbered entry, as new hero JD Fenix continues where dad Marcus left off, wielding the chainsaw-bladed Lancer for the future of mankind.

Frantic stop-and-pop shooting paired with dazzling graphics help this old favourite feel fresh again.

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The original Titanfall set the template for an amazing first-person shooter, dropping in massive mech suits amidst the parkour-laced gunplay - and, now, Titanfall 2 has fully realised that vision with a meaty and even more impactful experience.

Including a fully-fledged single-player mode is a big part of the allure this time around, and it's one of the best shooter campaigns in ages. What's more, the online modes will keep the infantry-and-bots action running strong for some time to come. Prepare for Titanfall, indeed.

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Historical shooters were… well, mostly left in the past after Call of Duty embraced Modern Warfare, but EA delivers one of the best FPS experiences in recent memory with Battlefield 1.

With the brutal skirmishes of World War I as its setting, Battlefield 1 delivers a stirring and thankfully respectful campaign, while the 64-player online blowouts are unsurprisingly spectacular and sure to keep us playing for ages. Grab your steed (or zeppelin) and get out there, soldier.

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We've got a lot of games with guns on this list, which isn't surprising given Microsoft's own FPS-led lineup, but Prey isn't your average first-person affair – it's more akin to BioShock, oozing with atmosphere and dread as you wander the hallways of a decrepit, personality-packed space station.

And then things get weird. The Mimic aliens can transform into ordinary-looking objects, giving you a nasty surprise when you approach, and your hero can tap into some of those abilities himself. If you loved the classic System Shock games, or just appreciate a taut and constantly tense sci-fi game, then Prey delivers big.

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There are prettier games on the Xbox One – quite a few, actually – but what Fallout 4 lacks in graphical sheen, it makes up for with just about everything else.

Building upon the beloved foundation of Fallout 3, the latest drops you into a post-apocalyptic Boston as you explore the wasteland, take on exciting and varied quests, and pour hours into building your own weapons and fortresses. The scale is incredible, and so too is the fun.

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Given all the shooters and action games on this list, it's nice sometimes to just have some silly fun. For that, we constantly turn to Rocket League.

It's just like FIFA, only instead of human players each team is made up of jet-powered cars that flip, fly and somersault the ball into a goal. On second thoughts, perhaps 'just like' is pushing it.

You'll zip around the stadium with your teammates, bumping the ball, performing headers, and working together to score epic goals and launch incredible saves, and the result feels inspired and deeply competitive. And now it has a basketball mode, too. Utterly delightful.

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Metal Gear and Assassin's Creed might pop to mind when you think of stealth, but with its second entry, Arkane Studios has clearly made Dishonored the modern stealth masterpiece.

As before, Dishonored 2 is a first-person experience that gives you the skills and abilities of a master assassin, yet rewards stealth and subtlety as you explore the beautiful, Victorian-era city. Amazing replay value, multiple lead characters and a brilliant locale make this a rather remarkable action experience.

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Playdead's Limbo is one of the most distinctive games of the last decade, sowing strong emotions in players despite the mute hero and entirely monochromatic look - and now Inside takes that premise and really kicks things up a notch.

This side-scrolling, puzzle-infused platform game keeps the shadowy aesthetic and general premise, but delivers bigger environmental conundrums, richer gameplay amidst the levels, and a campaign that can be incredibly disturbing in turns.

What's Inside? You really should find out.

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Building on the brilliant 2013 reboot, Rise of the Tomb Raider delivers another captivating Lara Croft adventure – this time exclusive for Xbox and PC players. Like the last game, it's more of a gung-ho action affair than the earlier entries, smartly taking Uncharted as an obvious role model.

Still, Rise strikes a fair compromise, delivering several fantastic tombs to explore at your leisure, and giving you the option to go stealthy rather than slay every last goon in sight.

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Has a game ever been so emotionally crushing in its opening minutes? Ori and the Blind Forest is content to punch you in the heart immediately, but stick around and you'll find an amazing side-scrolling platform adventure.

It has familiar Metroid-like underpinnings, letting you unlock more of the world as your nimble creature gains more abilities, but the fluid movement gives it a unique feel. And the absolutely stunning animation and beautiful soundtrack only add to the emotional heft created by the story.

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Enjoyed zipping around the Franco-Italian countryside in Forza Horizon 2? Well, you'll find plenty to love in Horizon 3, most notably a brand new location: the diverse terrain of Australia, spanning mud, sand, streets, and fields alike.

Everything looks spectacular, and even more so with HDR support on the Xbox One S – but, while the basic approach is delivering more of the same for the series, the sheer quantity of events and objectives is massive, and it's an absolute blast throughout. Really dazzling stuff, plus there's some brilliant Hot Wheels DLC to snag if you ever run out of things to do.


Bungie’s second stab at a sprawling space shooter has learned a lot of lessons from the first Destiny. Gone are the complex, intertwined story threads, replaced with a single, overarching story that both returning Guardians and new players can get behind. The monotonous end-game grind has been streamlined and made a lot more fun, too.

Until you’ve joined up with five other players and tackled the fiendish Leviathan raid, you’ll be missing out on one of the best multiplayer experiences there is on the Xbox One.

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XCOM might have begun life on computers, but the Xbox One version of XCOM 2 shows that this turn-based strategy juggernaut is just as amazing with a controller and your telly.

XCOM 2 takes everything that worked so well in the brilliant XCOM: Enemy Unknown and kicks it up a notch, whether it's the increased variety of missions and battlefields or the added tactics for bashing alien occupiers to bits.

It's also incredibly hard - but you didn't expect a fight against oppressive extraterrestrials to be easy, did you?

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Mankind may be divided in the latest Deus Ex, but we're not divided in our mutual love for Square Enix's sprawling cyberpunk adventure. Building on the excellent Human RevolutionMankind Divided delivers brilliant action set in a pretty grim future world.

Augmented hero Adam Jensen returns to try and ease tensions between humans and his own kind (with robotic bits), but ultimately, you'll explore this techno-universe with a mix of stealth and much-improved combat and gunplay. This is a rich, meaty game – and a rather memorable one, too.

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If there's one thing we've learned over the past two entries, it's that Dark Souls isn't for everyone. The game is defined by its brutal and unrelenting nature, and that won't sit right with everyone. We understand.

But if it is for you, rejoice: Dark Souls III certainly doesn't diminish what was already an empowering and addictive action experience. The melee combat feels spot-on and the horrifying enemies make you work for every victory, plus the grim worlds look super fantastic starting fresh on new hardware.

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Arkham City was already widely considered the greatest, most fully-realized superhero game of all time – so what did Rocksteady do? One-upped themselves all over again.

Batman: Arkham Knight is an absolute stunner through and through, whether you're exploring the open world on-foot or in the immensely fun new Batmobile, kicking the crap out of goons or top villains, or solving puzzles. It's un-Bat-lievably awesome.

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Yes, we know, you already played Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox 360. Well don't let that put you off playing it again. Here are some reasons why you should give it a second twirl.

1) It's one of the greatest games of all time.

2) It looks even better than before (and it was already pretty damn good).

3) It has a new FPS mode - and it's genius.

4) It's one of the greatest games of all time.

Thank you for reading.

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When it comes to side-scrolling platform action, Ubisoft's Rayman has stolen the modern crown from Mario – which is good for Xbox One owners, since they can actually play Rayman Legends.

It's a dazzlingly inventive affair, featuring colourful environments filled with imaginative challenges and offering the ability to play through the lengthy adventure with three co-op comrades in tow. And it's a nice change of pace from the more grim, serious offerings on this list.

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