25 of the best travel apps for iOS and Android

...for keeping organised

Circa World Time for Travelers

There’s no cure for jet-lag, yet, but Circa will at least show you why your body clock is confused. Yes, it’s possible to add multiple timezones to the default clock apps on both iOS and Android, but Circa makes it a look a lot prettier.

Designed to help international working teams, it displays time periods around a circle, simply illustrating the points at which the various slots overlap - and you’ll all be awake. Input your waking hours and you’ll have an easy way to work out when you can Skype the family from afar.

Download Circa World Time for Travelers for iOS here

Download Circa World Time for Travelers for Android here

Google Translate

Another Google number, this one makes the whole foreign language thing a cinch. Translate can adeptly, well, translate words, images and sound and, here’s the kicker, it’ll even do it offline if you download the right language files beforehand.

Makes you wonder why they made you do that French GCSE, eh?

Download Google Translate for iOS here

Download Google Translate for Android here


Nearby grown-ups will probably tell you that it’s only right to be organised before you head abroad - but where’s the fun in filing all of your flight bookings and travel itineraries, when you really want to be preparing your Instagram filters?

Thankfully, TripIt handles all of that for you. Simply forward on your booking confirmations and it’ll cleverly process the info into an all-in-one schedule for your adventure. You can add and edit info, too, in case it misses something.

Download TripIt for iOS here

Download TripIt for Android here


Theoretically intended for business travellers, Expensify is a nifty solution for scanning and processing your trip receipts and keeping track of your holiday spending.

Its smart scanner generally does a good job of processing data (though you’ll need to pay for unlimited scans), while reports can be helpfully emailed over to an address of your choosing. Or your boss, if you're that fancy.

Download Expensify for iOS here

Download Expensify for Android here