25 of the best travel apps for iOS and Android

...for eating


Hated by some, favoured by many, TripAdvisor was arguably the first platform to harness the power of the user review - and, as it’s grown, it’s only become more of a force for consumer feedback.

Yes, top hits tend to stick it out at the top thanks to positive reinforcement, but delve down the lists for reviews on restaurants, bars, activities and more - or, you know, do something new. But where’s the fun in that?

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Want to book a table but can’t speak the local lingo? Or just afraid of picking up the phone? OpenTable is the app you need, with a host of eateries and bars on its books.

Pick a time slot, select your group size and - hey presto! - you’ll have a booking in your name in a jiffy, which should leave you plenty of time to practice how to say “a booking in the name of Jones” when you arrive.

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Call yourself a health nut? Grab Tasteful and you’ll be able to filter nearby eateries based on the quality of their food - and whether they fit with your dietary requirements.

It’s limited to the USA at the moment, unfortunately, but with a range of restaurants rated by the ‘Nutrition Team’ you can trust in Tasteful’s, err, tasteful recommendations.

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