17 of the most entertaining distractions hidden in Google Chrome

It's okay to waste time, as long as you're having fun - said no boss, ever

Google Chrome isn't just a place for you to research the history of the kettle, stalk co-workers or check up on current humidity levels. It can also be a lot of fun - if you know where to look. 

We've hunted out all the best things you can do while browsing the internet using Chrome, including classic hidden games, snazzy search tricks, and a whole collection of strange settings you probably never knew existed. So go on, take a break, and give your brain a rest with these fun features. You deserve it. Probably.

But before we rush in, go to Settings and disable Google Instant predictions to make sure everything works out beautifully.

Note: while other browsers will support most of these features, we recommend using Chrome for the best results.

Play a little Pac-Man

What: Originally a Google Doodle created to commemorate the classic arcade game’s 30th birthday, this slice of pixellated art has since found a permanent, secret home on Google.

Make it happenClick here for (d)oodles of fun. Warning: you'll get nothing else done for the rest of the day. But you're going to click on it anyway, aren't you? Thought so. 

Test your geographical knowledge

What: There’s a fun little game hidden within Google called Smarty Pins. Answer trivia questions by dropping pins on the map, and how far off you are from the actual answer will be deducted from your total bank of available kilometres.

Make it happen: Put your geographical knowledge to the test with right herem. It’s mostly US-centric, but the true trivia master is not hindered by geographical limits. At least that's what the back of our Penguin wrapper told us once.

Journey through Middle-Earth

What: Relive the magic of the cinematic Tolkien adaptations via a quick battle, trace one of the chosen heroes’ footsteps, or explore Middle-Earth on your own. Yes it was created to promote the questionable Peter Jackson adaptation (why Orlando Bloom, why were you in it, just why), but don't let that put you off.

Make it happen: Head over to virtual Middle-Earth, and choose your destination, be it Isengard or Minas Tirith, and enjoy. Don't forget to pack your hankerchief.

Build with Lego

What: Get all the fun of Lego without the pain of stepping on a stray brick and cursing evolution for putting so many nerves in the bottom of your feet. This digital build platform is only limited by your imagination (and your skill).

Make it happen: Just go to Build with Chrome and start constructing your Lego brick empire. You can either freestyle it, or level up with Build Academy. Either way, you can place your brick creations on the world map and let everyone admire your masterpiece when you're done.