11 of the most iconic phones we've loved and lost

Nokia 8110 (1996)

If being featured in The Matrix doesn’t give you instant futuristic credibility, we don’t know what will. This phone was designed with the business crowd in mind and the first of Nokia’s premium 8000 line. But what made it really stick out was the way it was curved when the number pad was revealed. All this even before the curve was cool. Talk about forward thinking.

Samsung S300 (2003)

This classic clamshell was a fan favourite. Small in size, but big in impact thanks to its dual coloured screens. Back in 2003, its 256-colour external screen (basically allowing you to see who was calling without opening the phone) and polyphonic (polyphonic!) ringtones were considered the future. Don’t snigger. One day, we’ll all look back on the Galaxy S6 and laugh at how prehistoric it looks, too.

Nokia 3210 (1999)

You might not know it, but the Nokia 3210 was one of the first mainstream phones to come with an internal antenna, doing away with the awkward bump at the top. Thanks to its trio of pre-installed games (yes, including Snake) and customisable ringtones and covers, the Nokia 3210 was a big hit with the "yoot" crowd.

LG Chocolate (2006)

Positioned as a premium handset, the LG Chocolate won widespread acclaim for its understated design. Depending on where you lived in the world, the LG Chocolate took on different forms (we loved the slider one) and colours (including a questionable pink). But what remained consistent were its sleek lines and red hot accents. Later iterations also included a slabby one that was not unlike the screen-dominated smartphones of today.

Nokia 3310 (2000)

You may be gone, but your extraordinary strength endures in memes to this day. Not only was your superphone strength displayed on the outside, withstanding all manner of drops and rough treatment, it also existed beneath your removable cover in the form of what's considered everlasting battery life these days. We will never forget you and the long 459-character text messages that you allowed. Thanks for the memories, Nokia 3310.

Sony Ericsson W800 (2005)

Before the Sony Xperia series of today, there was the W line. The W800 was the first of this Walkman-branded series of music phones and supported a massive 2GB of external memory for storing all the shots you took with its 2MP camera. The music pedigree meant that it played MP3 and AAC files, a very important thing in the past before music streaming services started sprouting up in every corner of the internet.