11 games we can't wait to play in 4K on Xbox One X

Put these enhanced beauties on your pre-order list

Microsoft’s made the most powerful games console in the world and it costs a whopping £449 (₹37,000). Not convinced? You ought to check out the games that are in store for Xbox One X. Some of them are absolutely astounding.

From Forza Motorsport 7 to Metro: Exodus, there are numerous Grade A releases coming for the console and indeed all Xbox One machines. If you grab Microsoft's latest and greatest console on 7 November, you'll benefit from smoother frame rates, added graphical flourishes of all sorts, and in many cases native 4K resolution. That'll make games look even sharper than when they're upscaled on the Xbox One S.

Unsure of which games you should pre-order alongside the console? Here's a look at our most anticipated games coming with Xbox One X enhancements this year and beyond - and a few of these are games that are already available, so you might have a few upgraded experiences ready for day one.

Additional words by Andrew Hayward

This year: Forza Motorsport 7

Racing games always tend to look amazing, but Forza Motorsport 7 is something else entirely. We’ve seen it running on the Xbox One X and the results are absolutely magnificent, more so than even last year’s gorgeous Forza Horizon 3.

The way weather effects sweep through the tracks, supercars are rendered in pristine fashion and skylines shift and change is phenomenal. You won’t have seen a better console game than Forza 7 on Xbox One. That alone could be enough to sell the machine come its launch on November 7.

This year: Doom

It’s not just new games that are getting the enhanced treatment for Xbox One X. A litany of recently released titles are joining the party as well including Dishonored 2, Gears of War 4 and Doom.

That last year’s hell-raising FPS is joining the party is especially notable as it hasn’t received a similar patch for the PlayStation 4 Pro, a trend we reckon will continue in the coming months. For now, we can’t resist the chance to pick up our BFG again.


This Year: Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Microsoft showed off two major ‘Xbox One enhanced’ games at its E3 presser this year: Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

From the looks of their two trailers, it’s the Tolkien-indebted game that does a better job of eeking fresh detail out of Microsoft’s new hardware. Also, it’s got an Orc with more laugh-out-loud one-liners than a Kevin Hart stand-up special. We’re sold.

This year: Minecraft

Those blocks just got upgraded, big time. While Minecraft might not seem a perfect fit for 4K gaming, Microsoft's Super Duper Graphics pack adds a whole new level of fidelity to the global phenomenon - without losing the rough charm that made it so special in the first place.

Draw distance is the real boon for Xbox One X owners here, but those new water effects really are lovely too. And it's not like we really need any extra prodding to fire up Minecraft and dig into a brand new world.

This year: FIFA 18

Unless you've gone over to the Pro Evolution Soccer side – and fair enough, we say – FIFA is appointment gaming for millions each autumn, and the best place to play FIFA 18 this year will almost certainly be on the Xbox One X.

EA's latest sim will be enhanced for the hulking horsepower of the pricey new box, and the game looks pretty fabulous based on our hands-on this summer. Each major stadium has its own feel and ambiance now, while myriad gameplay enhancements should make it even better than the last.

This Year: Star Wars Battlefront II

EA's first Star Wars Battlefront was pretty stellar, and this autumn's Battlefront II looks like it could be downright fantastic – and it won't look better on a console than it will on Xbox One X.

Battlefront II amps up the multiplayer battles from the last game with heroes and levels from all three movie eras, as well as a greater focus on space combat. But it's the addition of a proper campaign mode that has us truly intrigued, as you take the role of an Empire commander hell-bent on revenge after the second Death Star detonates.

This Year: Forza Horizon 3

Two Forza games on one list? Yes, it's true – and normally, we'd avoid this faux pas. But Forza Horizon 3 is a very different game from the absolutely stunning Forza Motorsport 7, and we already know that it's brilliant fun.

Last year's best Xbox One exclusive is getting an Xbox One X enhancement this holiday season, bumping up the resolution to 4K and probably smoothing out the frame rate in the process. Forza 7 is all sim precision, while Horizon 3 is a rowdy romp across Australia, complete with wonderfully loopy Hot Wheels DLC, to boot.

In 2018: Anthem

After Mass Effect: Andromeda met with a decidely mixed reception, BioWare needs to pull it out of the bag with its next game. Thankfully, Anthem looks more than a little bit special.

A third-person Destiny-like affair, it proves an incredibly impressive showcase of Xbox One X's graphical heft, even if the trailer was lacking a little in the way of substance. Given this game is out late next year, it's no surprise that EA is holding back more jaw-dropping stuff for 2018.

In 2018: Crackdown 3

The other major planned Xbox One exclusive for 2017 has been a long time in the making... but now it's been delayed yet again, into 2018. We’re already hankering to whip up as much chaos as humanly possible.

Buildings will fall, cars will be obliterated and that’s probably just the least of the trouble you’ll be able to get up to. Plus, Terry Crews is involved in full-on Brooklyn Nine-Nine mode. This should be a blast, literally, assuming it ever actually comes out.

In 2018: Sea of Thieves

Rare’s barmy co-operative pirate-fest is finally confirmed for release early next year and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Really, any game where you get to have a cannon fight, plunder for treasure and get wasted on grog is fine by us.

Better yet, because you’ll be playing Sea of Thieves with your mates in a shared world with other players, the possibilities for shenanigans are boundless. Join our crew sometime, yeah? It ought to run even smoother with the Xbox One X.

In 2018: Metro: Exodus

Alongside Forza Motorsport 7, the third Metro game looks set to be one of Xbox One X’s most stunning titles. According to its launch trailer, Exodus points towards a new open-world direction for the series.

Don’t worry, the harrowing post-apocalyptic vibe remains very much in place. Take a look at those beasts in the trailer and you might not sleep so well tonight, though.