10 weird and wonderful subreddits that will make you question the sanity of the human race

Explore the depths of some of reddit's deepest rabbit holes (SFW)

Did you know that trees can suck on things? I, until very recently, did not.

It's just one of many random things that I've absorbed during my extensive reddit travels. Useless knowledge, maybe, but it might one day win my team a pub quiz.

But let's say you want to dip your toe into reddit's deep waters in search of similarly fascinating subreddits. Where do you start?

The simple answer is "Carefully". The sheer scale and variety of subreddits is utterly mind boggling and, if you take a wrong turn, you can easily end up in an extremely NSFW corner of the site.

So I've taken that risk for you and compiled this hand-picked selection of the weirdest and most wonderful subreddits we've found. It's time to jump into the rabbit hole...


Budding (and disturbed) geneticists need look no further than this sub for horrifying (and occasionally adorable) inspiration. Reddit's many Photoshop wizards gather here to blend together every animal under the sun, creating disturbing hybrids. Ever wanted to know what a raven with the head of a killer whale looks like? This is the place for you.

In our search I ran into a number of animal/fruit hybrids such as this banana eagle, but being a traditionalist, I've only included animal/animal submissions here. I take this sort of thing very seriously.

Visit Hybrid Animals


We live in a universe where someone has taken the time to create a bot that automatically places Valve CEO Gabe Newell's face on to the body of various celebrities. Said bot then diligently uploads its terrifying creations to reddit, providing us all with years of high-quality nightmare fuel.

Some of the best results are when the bot accidentally misplaces Mr. Newell's face, layering it on to crowd members and, er, clothing. Enjoy, I guess.

Visit Gentleman Gabers


This bunch of anarchists make it their goal to take perfectly normal, ordinary gifs, and break them. The end result is a horrifying collection of glitchy abominations, straight from the hard drives of hell itself. It takes a special sort of skill to make Nicolas Cage more terrifying than he already is, but these people have found a way. 

The above scene from one of my favourite movies, Dumb and Dumber, used to make me cry with laughter as a child. But now those tears are nothing but salty vessels of liquid fear.

And don't even get me started on Obama:

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