10 things you need to know about Samsung’s lust worthy 2018 QLED TV lineup

Got Qs? LED us answer them for you

When you dedicate premium wall real estate to your telly, it better earn that spot.

The largest device you use to consume content is that black monolithic rectangle in your lounge. For the most part it’s off duty, but as long as you’re happy with what you see when it’s on, there’s little room for complaint.

Samsung begs to differ. It insists you demand more. Much more in fact, from your poor old telly. On or off, it should always impress. That’s what the brand firmly believes. Considering how many screens Samsung’s successfully placed in people’s palms and homes, we can’t help but sit up and pay attention.

Presenting exhibit A all the way to Q: Samsung’s extensive and supremely seductive QLED lineup for this year showcasing just about everything you’d want your telly to do and then some. Sit back and grab some popcorn. There are plenty reasons you’ll want one. For instance:

1) They’re way smarter than your average Joe

Samsung’s SmartThings platform has been steadily evolving promising to turn any home into an IoT haven. Taking a dip into the brand’s smart ecosystem is easier than ever with compatible devices seamlessly syncing and communicating with each other saving you the struggle of manually setting up multiple devices. The SmartThings smartphone app for instance skips the agony of remote control inputs to setup your new telly as long as they share the same WiFi.

2) They’re stealthier than a ninja

You may have splurged that extra dough for the prettiest telly around but cables snaking out of it can make for a complete eyesore. Samsung rids you of the embarrassment by outsourcing all connections to its well established One Connect Box. Better still, that box connects to the TV via a single Invisible Connection cable that’s a solid 15m in length so your source needn’t be anywhere near your screen. That gives you plenty of placement options for your TV. More importantly, you’ll forget it has any cables at all.

3) They’ll bow to the sound of your voice

In order to let you talk to your devices, Samsung’s deeply integrating Bixby-powered commands in all its devices. Grab the remote, hit a button and start shooting orders at your telly. It’ll take button mashing out of the equation for basic tasks so your digits stay nice and comfy throughout your binge session. Talking to your telly may bring upon dreadful thoughts of the ‘forever alone’ variety but with time, we’re starting to acclimatise to voice control and its conveniences.

4) They’ll magically disappear from right in front of your eyes

OK, maybe we’ve been watching too much David Blaine, but the truth isn’t too far off. Samsung's 2018 QLED TVs can smarten up your sitting room with Ambient mode, turning that space into a virtual art gallery instead. You can pick between photos, patterns, and colours, or even match your wallpaper with a smartphone app. The TV then draws a virtual shadow around the edge of the screen, to make it look exactly like a photo frame. Want more useful info? It can display news, weather and the time, too. It uses 40% less juice than when you're actually watching TV, so shouldn't send your electricity bills skywards, either.

5) They’ll ensure you don’t mistake them for a mirror

On-screen reflections aren’t just distracting. You could have the most brilliant display in the world but glare could rob of it contrast and other details. Just have a look at a screen like the one on the Predator 21X to know how immersive the results of anti-glare screens can be. Samsung improves on its own anti-reflection filter with this year’s lineup and the results are laid bare to see. If we really wanted to catch a glimpse of our ridiculous mugs we’d just get a mirror instead now, wouldn’t we?

6) They have the IQ to optimise any content using AI

Until not too long ago, you could argue that screens higher than Full HD res are plagued by lack of content. Gamers would argue otherwise, but for the majority of us it did make for a compelling point. Gone are those days. Deep within those sultry exteriors, Samsung’s QLED lineup packs a Q Engine brain doing all the number crunching needed to make content of all kinds shine on the big screen. From upscaling to even delivering HDR 10+ results, it’s got the chops to make those visuals pop.

7) They’re always up for a game

Aforementioned gamers are going to want to take off their headphones for this one. Switching between a variety content of can also mean constant tweaking of settings for the best results. Right? Wrong, obviously. These QLEDs will automatically detect a plugged in console and immediately set things up for an immersive gaming session. Samsung claims its input lags leaves the competition in its dust so clearly, fragging enemies to oblivion is only more satisfying than usual here.

8) They’ll fit your walls like a glove

Picture frames on walls pack a pleasing aesthetic quality. The way they sit flush with the walls being a big reason. Samsung treats its QLEDs as no less than timeless works of art which is why their frames get similar treatment. Compatible with the brand’s no-gap wall mount, these QLEDs successfully replicate the look of a picture frame on a wall so it comes across as something that blends in with the decor rather than stick out unpleasantly.

9) They’re always looking for content you’ll love

You know how your favourite music streaming service always knows exactly what you’re looking for making for a seamless listening experience? Yeah, Samsung’s QLEDs tend to do that with video content via the built-in Universal Guide. Curating live channels and streaming content conveniently on your home screen, it’s constantly learning your viewing preferences so you spend less time browsing and more time watching. However, if it detects Keeping Up With The Kardashians on the screen, a laser beam will automatically shoot out of it blinding the viewer without delay. OK maybe that last one is from our wishlist, but how nice would that be.

10) They’ll dazzle you with their performance

Colour, contrast and detail have been ramped up to signature Samsung levels that we’re all quite familiar with by now. The biggest advantage of Samsung’s Q Picture tech being that it doesn’t let varying light conditions affect the end result. You’re still left with a wider colour gamut for more accuracy, deeper than the ocean blacks and an overall picture that’s as vibrant as we’ve seen. Quantum Dot tech performs in full form here and it’s quite a sight, this.

Needless to say, we’ll plonk these beauties right on our test desks to see if they survive the Stuff treatment and live up to their word. For now, let’s just say we’re still rubbing our retinas in the aftermath of it all.