The 10 best Xbox One download-only games right now

From interactive zombie tales to pixellated shooters, there's a wealth of great - and often cheap - games in the Xbox Store

Sony might be making a bigger deal out of the PS4’s line up of indie games, but the Xbox One is no slouch on the digital-only front.

From exclusives such as D4 to ports of some of the finest indie games ever made, there’s plenty of downloadable gaming joys to be found on your Xbox One. The question is what should you play?

Here are our picks…


Prison Break goes 8-bit in this absorbingly open-ended and deep jailbreak sim. The goal is simple: escape. But that’s no easy or straightforward task.

For starters, there are guards and your standing with other prisoners to fret about. The game offers little guidance either, leaving you to devise your escape plan by yourself. And since there’s no single solution for escaping each of the game’s prisons, it’s down to your inventiveness to make it to the outside. 


Child Of Light’s fairy tale adventure is so charming and beautiful that it’s hard to believe it emerged from the same Canadian game studio behind the Assassin’s Creed games. The magical watercolour kingdom that you explore is striking as is the game’s moreish and masterfully balanced reinvention of Japanese role-playing game battles.

Only the love it or hate it rhyming dialogue, which is sweeter than a supertanker full of Coca-Cola syrup, can detract from its appeal.


Telltale’s zombie drama is probably the finest interactive tale ever told. It’s right up there with The Walking Dead TV series and the comics in terms of quality - some would say it's better than either - and so emotional that it’ll stain your memories forever.

If you’ve already played it, then why not try Telltale’s take on Game Of Thrones? It’s only two episodes in but is already shaping up to be another adventure game classic.


Horror games, you may have noticed, are back in vogue. But rather than gore-soaked shooting galleries such as Dead Space, we’re now getting a wave of games that want to give you nightmares. Forever.

Outlast is one of the best of these new-breed chillers. There’s no weapons, just a camcorder with night vision to help you see in a dark asylum filled with terrifying hulks and mutilated patients. Prepare to run, hide, scream and leave the lights on at night just as a precaution.


Ubisoft’s gorgeously inky take on World War I might be low on challenge thanks to its pedestrian puzzles, but it is so big on heart it’s easy to forgive. Valiant Hearts brings the Great War to life with a tale of everyday folk sucked into a conflict beyond their control.

It could have been depressing or glib. Instead it’s enjoyable yet thoughtful and surprisingly emotional. Sniff. No, no, those aren’t tears. It’s these onions...