The 10 best movies on Hotstar

Hotstar is packed with wonderful movies. Here are some highlights

If you're seeking a streaming service focused on movies, there are more options than Amazon Prime or Netflix India that deserve your attention - throw in Hotstar to get amazing movies on demand.

These cord-cutter services will offer a plethora of movie choices for you. So no matter which movie you want to watch, it should be hidden inside one of these gems.

The sheer size of that collection means it's not always easy to immediately find something to watch though (y'know, the paralysis of choice, and so on). Which is where we come in. The Stuff India team has picked out a selection of must-see cinematic masterpieces, you can stream on Hotstar, so the next time you're settling down for an evening on the sofa, you can conserve your brainpower for picking the right snacks rather than the right movie.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We’d waited over 30 years for a decent Star Wars film to be made, and J.J. Abrams didn’t let us down. This is a gripping space adventure with relatable characters, superb effects and a sense of pace that banishes memories of the prequel trilogy’s wooden, dead-eyed awfulness.

At times, The Force Awakens feels like fan service, a tribute to the original trilogy (and A New Hope in particular) that’ll have you mentally totting up the references and callbacks – lightsaber duels, bleepy droids, spaceship dogfights, alien-packed cantinas, sacrifice, a big evil space weapon! - but it features enough emotional heft and storytelling vim to stand on its own.


Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Hotstar



Captain America: Civil War

If you’re going to only watch one of the 85 Marvel superhero movies released in the past few years, it might as well be Civil War. Ostensibly the third instalment in the Captain America franchise, it features such an insanely vast cast of costumed characters that it’s more a de facto third Avengers movie – albeit one in which the crew spends more time fighting each other than the real bad guy.

The sheer glut of Marvel movies might feel like too much, but if you’re in the mood for some conventional big budget entertainment, Civil War has the requisite booms, bangs and bombast (not to mention a bit of much-needed levity).

Watch Captain America: Civil War​ on Hotstar

The fifth estate

Benedict Cumberbatch, brilliantly plays Julian Assange, the founder and editor-in-chief of the news-leaking website WikiLeaks, in a dramatic thriller, dealing with the deceptions and corruption behind investigative journalism. A drama that keeps you at the edge of your seat while addressing the corruption and deceptions that plague the media in the 21st century.

Watch The Fifth Estate on Hotstar


Back in the day, superheroes were solid characters, fighting crime and keeping it righteous. Deadpool, however, has an unhealthy appetite for chopping off limbs and a mouth as filthy as a curryhouse toilet. We like Deadpool. A superhero movie that upset the established genre and shows the gory side of crime fighting. We like Deadpool and we certainly like the wave of R-rated movies that are following suit because of the success of this leather clad, katana wielding anti-hero.

Watch Deadpool  on Hotstar


A spy comedy with a star-studded cast including Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham and Jude law. Hilarity ensues when a CIA analyst volunteers to be field-agent to avenge her partners' death. It has enough action and slapstick humour to keep you well entertained. It's a reminder of what a talented cast can do with the silliest of storylines.

Watch Spy  on Hotstar

Need for Seed

Capturing the essence of the game on which it is based, Need for Speed is sheer eye candy for the exotic car lover. With outrageously expensive cars driving all out on the street and a revenge plot thrown in, this movie is worth a watch to say the least. Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul is the star of the show along with a slick Ford Mustang. We here at Stuff could do with one of those. The Mustang, not an Aaron Paul! 

Watch Need for Speed  on Hotstar

Cowboys and Aliens

James Bond himself takes on hostile aliens with assistance from extra-terrestrial expert Han Solo. Yes, Cowboys and Aliens might be the closest we can get to a Bond/Star Wars crossover in our lifetime. Afterall who could you possibly trust to save the fictional world in case of a fictional alien invasion? Saying that it's an enjoyable watch is an understatement. 

Watch Cowboys and Aliens  on Hotstar

Real Steel

This film is sure to make you want your very own pet fighting robot. Be warned though, we hear the maintenance on one of those is a bomb. A mash-up of Rocky, X-Men and iRobot with a bit of father son bonding thrown in to emotionally invest you in what is basically a movie about giant bots beating the crap out of each other.

Watch Real Steel on Hotstar

Starship Troopers

Giant alien bug monsters that explode orange guts when shot, in a militaristic future with giant space ships and Denise Richards. Need we say any more? To be honest we would watch it just for Denise Richards... or maybe the giant exploding bugs. We can't make up our minds. What would you choose?


Watch Starship Troopers  on Hotstar

Chaplin's Tillie's Punctured Romance

Fan of the older movies? Fret not dear boy, we have something for you too. We agree old films are great. And you would be hard-pressed to find films older than this entry on our list. Tillie's Punctured Romance is the world's first feature-length comedy film and to be honest, you can't claim to be a cinema aficionado if you have not seen this gem of film history.

Watch Chaplin's Tillie's Punctured Romance  on Hotstar