10 of the best LG G5 cases

Spiegen Rugged Armour case (₹1478)

It won't waterproof your G5, but Spiegen's Rugged Armour case will add an extra layer of TPU protection to LG's 159g high-end package. Easy button access and carbon fibre textures make this a case of both form and function, while neatly trimmed cut-outs ensure easy access for USB-C quick-charging.

Buy the Spiegen Rugged Armour case here

VRS Design High Pro Shield case (₹1560)

VRS makes a variety of talky-box covers, but this metal-edged masterpiece for the G5 is a thing of brushed-metal beauty. A raised TPU lip on the front will keep the G5's 5.3in frontage from kissing the kerb, while dual-layer impact resistance ensures safety in even the clumsiest of clutches.

Buy the VRS Design High Pro Shield case here

Cruzerlite Bugdroid case (₹699)

Chuffed to bits with your G5? Celebrate its Android-based UI with this circuitry inspired TPU housing. Replete with an embossed reproduction of Android's robo logo, this slim, dark and handsome shell is the perfect compliment to your new pride and joy.

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Clash of titans

Obliq Skyline Advance Pro case (₹2052)

Obliq's Skyline case does more than provide slim shock-absorption. Sure, reinforced corners and anti-slip sides make it a proper protector - but, with a built-in kickstand, it's also handy for movie buffs looking to enjoy on-the-go entertainment via the G5's 5.3in QHD display.

Buy the Obliq Skyline Advance Pro case here

Urban Armor Gear Composite Case (₹4129)

Taking the G5 on a rugged photography romp? With all that wide-angle wizardry on-board, we don't blame you - but we would suggest sticking it in this featherweight shell from Urban Armor. Not only does it offer scratch-resistant skid pads and a non-slip grip, it also surpasses military drop-test standards thanks to its combintion of a hard shell and soft core.

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