10 of the best cheap Xbox One games

Load up on great games without spending a load in the process

Keeping up with the latest and greatest game releases can be an expensive business - but you don't need to spend big to have huge amounts of fun.

If you're rocking an Xbox One, there's a heap of great indie and digital games available on the console store for cheap. What's more, if you look back over AAA titles which you missed first time round, you can grab some of absolute bargains for less than ₹2,000 apiece. Hell, even some of last year's top games fall into that bracket.

Looking for some great gaming on the cheap? Here are 10 of the best Xbox One games you can pick up right now for under ₹2,000 each. The price you see for each might vary slightly from what we found when we wrote this, but it still ought to be close. It might even be less!