With a new, extraordinary product in their portfolio, here’s another promise by Dyson to deliver the least damage to your hair for a lifetime. 

When it comes to everyday hair care, most of us have been singing the ballad of dissatisfaction since forever. Your reliable (and extremely hot) hair tools are hardly ever criticised because we often accept the damage they cause as part of the package. 

Dyson has been making a big noise about heat-inflicted damage to our hair ever since their entry in India a couple of years ago, and the more we use these products, the clearer that distinction keeps getting on what had been missing from our dressers all along. Each product – be it the reinvention of the humble hair dryer with the Supersonic; or throwing those hot iron rods out of the window and replacing them with the Airwrap’s unique styling tools to achieve beach waves and soft curls – is nothing short of an engineering marvel. 

A frizzy hair victim’s tale...

I bought my first hair iron at the age of 15, and since then it has been a love-hate relationship with those heated plates. Living with unruly, frizzy hair is being your own human version of Fido Dido. Anyone familiar with flat straightening irons knows the damage continuous usage causes. In our case, the oft-visible damage had previously been covered up with a series of expensive treatments and hefty spending on many more styling tools. Then I was introduced to GHD (Good Hair Day) by a friend back in 2010, with all the science about how its set 365 degrees Fahrenheit is the maximum temperature hair can tolerate, and the promise of smooth, shiny hair every day! Many haircuts later and having given up on wanting to achieve and perfect the salon look at home, I made my peace with the fact that good looking hair comes at the recurring cost of a salon blowout. 

The hardworking Dyson engineers changed that for me over two years ago, and having perfected the salon blowout at home with the Supersonic, becoming a bit of an expert of curls with Airwrap and its many styling barrels, they dropped another package at my doorstep – the Dyson Corrale – and honestly, after a recent makeover (aka going short), nothing has received a warmer welcome in our home in these morbid COVID-ridden times.

Design : Built to attract

We’ve never come across a Dyson product that we didn’t like at first glance. With refined looks and superb performance at the core of every Dyson product, the Corrale hair straightener didn’t disappoint either. Living up to perfect good looks that Dyson products have gotten us used to, the Corrale Hair Straightener is a direct descendant of the design family that its cousins, the Supersonic and Airwrap belong to. A departure from its air-based styling, this straightening iron too relies on science, nonetheless. The flexible (and patented) manganese copper alloy plates are the secret weapon to fight daily frizz. 

The small OLED display on the front of the Corrale shows three temperature settings and the battery indicator. The physical buttons are to control temperature, which varies between 165℃, 185℃ and 210℃ and a power button. Sitting below that is the safety lock, and that is unlike what you find on a conventional hair straightening device. Turn it around to find a flight safety button to disengage the battery, which is the result of yet another Dyson mastermind at work, making it easy to board a flight with. In principle, it is the equivalent of airplane mode on our smartphones, which unplugs the battery and can be easily packed into your cabin luggage while travelling. They’ve put some serious thought into making this thing as much of an on-the-go travel companion as your favourite neck pillow. 

The stylish charging dock is a great means to dock it up on your dressing table for those daily touch-ups. A little beep beeps within seconds to tell you when the machine is ready for use, and even though it performs fairly well at the lowest setting, we found the process to be faster at a medium setting for our hair type. Those styling professionally might use the machine on its highest setting, but for everyday use over three weeks, we didn’t feel the need of it even once. 

The ceramic plate of regular hair straighteners is replaced with patented flexible plates made of a special magnesium copper alloy. Though the flex plates look like shiny teeth from far, run your fingers down the heating plates and feel those things actually flex.

Performance : Cordless comfort

Corral means ‘to gather together’, and that’s exactly what Corrale does. The patented flexible plates adapt to the thickness of the section of hair you’ve taken, gather it together and prevent the hair from dislocating them between the plates, which in turn allows the plates to apply only the necessary amount of tension and heat all the way along the hair’s length. The plates get a grip on the section, and without exerting much pressure, do the job without having to go over each section more often than not twice. A few minutes saved for sure per use. 

As a result, less heat is exerted on your hair to achieve the desired result, which is, smooth hair without the damage associated with traditional straighteners. Curl, straighten or master the art of creating soft waves – Dyson claims the damage is up to 50 per cent less.

Having studied hair in-depth and understanding in detail everything from the structure of hair to airflow dynamics whilst understanding thermal, mechanical and chemical damage – and the subsequent effects on hair health, Dyson engineers are the final word in hair care with intelligent heat control engraved in their DNA. Here too, they open your eyes to how much damage you inflict upon your hair every time you run a regular iron over them. Unlike regular straighteners, which tend to result in a loosened grip over your hair as you move it down the length of your hair, this one has a better grip, thanks to those grooves underneath the flexi plates. Fewer strokes in the case of the Corrale means lesser heat is applied, and lesser the damage. 

Cutting the cord is synonymous with Dyson, and they’ve done it again with the Corrale Hair Straightener. While this thing takes about 70 minutes to juice up fully, getting up to 30 minutes while unplugged is no mean feat for the segment. Unfortunately, to complete one styling session in peace, those 30 minutes without a cord (on medium setting that we used) leave you gasping for a plug point in sight! When at ease, leave it on the dock and let it recharge. Aside from wanting a longer battery life, we must admit that this flexibility of usage and charging, is honestly missing even in the best products in the segment. Activate Hybrid mode by plugging in while using and you get the comfort of longer styling sessions. 

Any iron addict risks burning their house down every time she forgets to unplug after use. The auto cut off option eliminates that stress because the machine, if left on, will shut off by itself after 10 minutes of being idle. Useful for those always leaving home in a rush.

Dyson Corrale : Verdict

No doubt calling the Corrale ‘slightly pricey’ is a gross understatement. It certainly is a well thought-out purchase, especially if you worry about your hair health. If that’s you, and you are someone who’s on the constant lookout for ways to achieve a neater mane, the Corrale deserves both your time and money!

There are cheaper options available any given day, but none of the traditional tools offer the scientific and practical benefits of reduced thermal exposure that Dyson Corrale does. At ₹36,900, it might take some convincing to the everyday user to part with the hefty sum, but investing in a Dyson tool, and it’s coming from experience, is a worthy investment in oneself if you can afford it.

Stuff says... 

Dyson Corrale review

All that science justifies the high price tag. Performance and sophistication levels coupled with the promise of reduced damage are the selling points they should bank upon
Good Stuff 
A quick performer
Intelligent Heat Control
Convenient charging dock
Cordless comfort and hybrid mode are a first in the hair care segment
Bad Stuff 
High price tag
Short battery life