If you live in North India and the last quarter of the year doesn’t scare you, it’s safe to say that you’re one in a gazillion! 

Those who suffer during days of pollution, hear of levels touching such scary numbers every year of air so polluted it wants you dead - would know why the North cries for help every time winter’s arrival is near. Dry weather accompanied by a bad spell of smog (thanks to the neighbouring cities) is what Delhi winters are made of. Regardless of what Donald Trump thinks of climate change, the likes of the World Economic Forum, the International Organisation for Public-Private Cooperation recognises the smog-shrouded Delhi as a major environmental threat. Add to this the long and dry winter months, an air purifier that doubles up as a humidifier is a potentially lifesaving combination.  

Like every rain has its storm, every day has its dawn… without being too poetic, let us announce that outdoor hell, courtesy of the pollution caused by vehicles, industries, etc, has found an indoor haven too. Our mortal dreams can only dream of the design marvels that geniuses at the Dyson HQ keep churning out, and also because all Dyson air purifiers aren't created equal. The new Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is a machine where the friendly old Dyson mechanism does the additional job of humidifying the air around, as it rids your indoor air of pollution that sneaks inside. The Pure Humidify + Cool hoots the inside of its water pipes with UV light to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria from the water before expelling it as vapour into your home. 


Design: Same same but different

If your eyes are used to seeing a sleek Dyson device doing its job while your ears are used to its satisfying hum in your living room or your bedroom, brace yourself. The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is bulkier in comparison, much like the backside of your neighbourhood aunty who binged on one too many macaroons on her last Parisian holiday.  

Some design elements remain the same. The overall look of the purifier, the circular LCD display in front, for example. A noticeably large bottom is what draws your attention, wherein sits a 5-litre water tank that’s key to the humidifying process (Difference # 1). A 3-foot tall machine stands on an 11-inch base, giving it a stout look, making it shorter and more stout in comparison to its predecessors (Difference # 2). The distinct Dyson design makes it all a familiar playing field. More differences, we’ll cover as we go along the review.

Get, set, humidify…

Install the HEPA filter and carbon filter. Snap ‘em up and you’ll hear a reassuring, familiar click that tells you you’re set. Fill up the water tank at the bottom (all the way to the mark on the tank), add the machine to your Dyson Link app (if you’re already a user. Else, download the app and linking is easy peasy) and it’s ready to gobble up any unwelcome nasties present in the air around you within a quick couple of minutes. The app is helpful, intuitive and lays out all relevant information like the AQI, temperature and humidity levels while allowing you to customise your machine as per your need. 

A highly reflective PTFE tube through which UV-C light is reflected side to side down the tube is the newest addition to Dyson labs. As water is pumped up from the water tank and passes through these multiple rays, the UV-C kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water in the first pass. 

Once treated, the water fills the collars of the 3D Air-mesh evaporator, wherein any remaining bacteria is trapped. Silver strands are interwoven into the top and bottom faces of the Air-mesh material to create its unique structure and provide biostatic properties, inhibiting bacteria growth on the evaporator. This honeycomb-shaped evaporator (Difference # 3) is crucial to humidification.

Even though the water tank is a new element to an otherwise familiar machine, we must give it to Dyson to pay attention to detail. They’ve made the removal and insertion of the water tank a smooth operation by adding wheels at the bottom of the tank. No need to yank the tank! It’ll slide out without a struggle. 

The remote is all too familiar, expect the new addition of humidifying controls (Difference # 4). Set the fan speed and humidity levels on Auto mode and the machine automatically detects and maintains the humidity level in the room at a pre-set level, the max being 70%, until it stabilises. Then, depending on the size of your room, the machine does its job - rids the room of pollutants, any smells and unseen dust.

While its overall purification is slightly louder compared to the other Pure Cool machines, Night Mode is there to the rescue (Difference # 6). Night Mode was a feature present on the Dyson Pure Cool Me, and it’s found its way to Pure Humidify + Cool as well, wherein it monitors the noise the machine makes, while maintaining optimum levels of purification and humidification. Although noisier in comparison, it still doesn't get as loud as your sibling’s midnight chats. 

It is recommended to deep clean the machine at least once a month for easy maintenance, we observed that even after a month’s continuous use (Dyson claims up to 36 hours of humidification on a full tank and the app is designed to indicate when you need to run a Deep Clean cycle), neither did the water in the tank get over, nor did it look dirty. The combination of UV-C light and silver mesh inside keeps bacteria out of the water as well as the air it lets out. 

Use it with Siri and Alexa for a seamless operation. We’ve also gone ahead and set up a weekly schedule of sleep timers that turns it off at a specific time every weekday and a different time on the weekend. An easy way to ensure we don’t give in to the temptation of laying in bed longer in the mornings and hamper our WFH routine. 



Dyson’s DNA of purified air aims to provide a purified, humidified environment since humanity is doomed to stay indoors for the foreseeable future. This triple function machine is meant to be used throughout seasons. Though we in India currently do not have good humidifiers to choose from, humidifiers, in general, are seasonal due to their use strictly in the winters when there’s so much dry air. As far as purifiers go, there aren’t many that get close to the refinement, purification and quality that Dyson has to offer.

Hygienic humidification during winter, a fair bit of cooling during summers and efficient purification all year long justifies its ‘overpriced’ price tag.

Stuff says... 

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool review

If humidification is what’s needed, a purifying fan such as the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is an expensive contraption that can control the indoor environment throughout seasons. 
Good Stuff 
App and voice control
Effective purification and humidification of the entire room
Deep Clean and Night Mode
Kills bacteria in water when humidifying
Bad Stuff 
Bulky size
Exorbitant price tag