Manipulating air is what Dyson engineers are good at and their newest air purifier is perhaps the most accomplished example of their prowess.

You could be excused for assuming that all air purifiers are created equal. But like us, if you had a chance to get up-close and personal with scientific data presented by a qualified doctor, you’d think differently. The new Dyson tries to please the docs, and that’s a good sign.

Design: iconic

Squatter and slightly thicker than the taller Pure Cool Link that came before it, Dyson has packed in more  activated carbon, longer lengths of borosilicate microfibres and sealed the whole filter assembly so tight that there is no leakage of impure air back into the room. The claim is 99.95% removal of micro-germs and it did feel like it! The twin HEPA filters are said to capture 60% more pollutants than the previous gen model. As before, removal of the filters is easier than eating pie and the app or the display on the unit gives info on the health of the filters.

Set-up couldn’t have been simpler. The Dyson Link app guides you through few steps and once connected, the wealth of information and control at your fingertips is what sets the Dyson apart from other purifiers. Everything from AQI to scheduling to managing multiple units can be done through the app. Brilliant!

Features: Brimming with tech

The one anomaly I experienced though was to do with the read out of the indoor air quality. While the Pure Hot+Cool was off, it would fluctuate between moderate to fair to even poor but upon switching on the unit, it changed to good within a few seconds. As good as an air purifier may be, cleaning up a 400 sq.ft. room in a matter of seconds seems like a tall order.

The bright LCD display on the front of the unit is a great tool to get insight into the different parameters if you don’t want to be bothered with the app though. It works silently and with a hushed refinement even at the maximum airflow setting of 10. This is testimony to the acoustic work Dyson engineers carry out on each of their products to ensure that they “sound” premium as well. Since the design is famously bladeless, there should be buffeting noise out of the narrow channels but the Pure Hot+Cool impresses with its engineering.

Even more so because this time around there’s also a diffused airflow mode that adjusts the air valve inside the channel to purify the air around the room but without the direct cooling effect from the front. This mode works like a charm when you want to keep the purifier on a desk, in close proximity.

Performance: Purity at your fingertips

The cooling effect caused by the air multiplier is subtle but quite effective in keeping the direct air temperature around the 23-24d mark. The heating element is more potent with its PTC heating element, bringing up the ambient temperature up to target levels quickly, thanks to the heating coils built into the air flow channels. With its 350d oscillation, heating and circulating purified air around the room is its claim to fame. The heating is very effective although with ambient temperatures of 28d C, I wasn’t willing to test it out over the long term. Rest assured, it works as advertised and definitely makes a strong case for anyone living up north or at elevated altitudes.

Perhaps the most endearing bit of this purifier is its app! With clean, crisp graphics and a host of info (daily and historical), like the PM2.5, PM10, VOC and NO2 levels. It also gives you more granular control over air quality. If you have multiple Dyson purifiers across your home, cycling through each of them is just a left swipe away and along with a visual of the model and the name of the room it’s placed in, makes it fun and easy to monitor air quality across the house.

Like before, the curved, magnetic remote sticks to the top of the Pure Hot+Cool, making it virtually impossible to lose. With more buttons than ever, it also lets you switch to diffused air flow, night mode, timer and heat/cool function.

Stuff says... 

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool review

Better performance and features than the earlier gen product. Still pricey but worth the premium this time around.
Good Stuff 
Design gets even better
Fantastic app support
Heating very effective
Purification really works
Silent operation
Bad Stuff 
Cooling depends on ambient temperature