The air we breathe has never been filthier, and air purifiers have never been easier to sell.

But do they deserve your hard-earned money? While those suffering from constant mysophobia would buy anything that promises “clean” at the drop of a hat, the Pure Cool, with its visual display on the LCD screen and real time tracking of air pollution levels via the Dyson Link app would be nothing short of godsend for these obsessive souls.

Jokes apart, air pollution is as real a threat to our health and well being as a pending nuclear war. Endless nastiness in the air is not just city, region or season specific. Outdoor and indoor air quality has taken a huge hit in the past few years and it just keeps deteriorating. Little can be done to what happens outside, but indoor air quality can be checked to keep the confines of your home clean.

Allergy sufferers aren’t the only ones likely to benefit from it. The Pure Cool air purifier comes with double the filters from the previous generation and sweeps up bacteria, pollen, toxins and other indoor pollutants and the sophistication of the unit adds aesthetic value to your living room or bedroom.


Design: The Ring

The Pure Cool air purifier isn’t very different from its predecessor - the basic design of the ring or the elongated aperture resting over a cylindrical base unit. Though now, all the cleaning action of air purifier can be seen in action on the LCD display, which wasn’t part of the previous generation and adds greatly to its appeal.

The base can be set to be stationary or rotate up to 350 degrees, and control the blast of air via the app or the sleek remote that comes along with the unit. Unlike the Pure Hot + Cool Link, this too comes with a magnetic remote. Though it just takes a few minutes to link it to your home wifi, it’s easy peasy from this point on.

Stuff says... 

Dyson Pure Cool review

Pricey, yes. But if you want pure air in your homes, the Pure Cool is the most efficient and beautiful air purifier available!
Good Stuff 
Bladeless design
Visual display of air quality
Double filters mean better air to breathe
Bad Stuff 
No Alexa integration yet in the Indian models