Dyson has forever been thinking about clean air, and this time around, gone and created the Pure Cool Me. 

This air-purifying fan, like the others in the series, claims to filter out 99.95% of nasty particles floating about in your supposedly 'clean' indoors. The difference though, lies in the fact that this one is intended for personal use. Unlike air purifiers in general, that are created to fix the air in your room, the Pure Cool Me serves your personal needs. It’s not smart, it’s not connected, and yet it’s an expensive indulgence that wiggles its way into your life if you’re a sucker for clean environment, clean air, and more.

But do we really need a machine that serves just one master? Let’s find out...

Dyson Pure Cool Me: Design and build

The reign of Dyson’s iconic premium design language continues as this one too has drop-dead-gorgeous looks. The chunky base unit that houses the sealed filter (combining an activated carbon and a glass HEPA layer) quietly sucks in the nasties around, the acoustics that Dyson has mastered over the years come in handy while cool, pure air comes out quietly. The remote is conveniently located so you don't have to struggle to grab it. Setting it up is easy and the remote function takes just a few minutes to master.

Dyson Pure Cool Me: Air for one, please!

You cannot always put the whole world before your own needs. And let's admit – your personal space beckons you to take full charge of the air quality, as well as your thermal comfort. Ceiling fans be damned! This one's small enough for personal use. The portable design of the Pure Cool Me allows it to be used at the desk if you, like us, are glued to your work stations all day, or simply place it by your bedside so the airborne nasties in the air cannot hold fresh air back. 

Managing your own private airflow is easy – there are 10 fan speeds to choose from and the display provides filter and air quality information; and depending on how hot you’re feeling, the 180° oscillation helps in a wider dispersion of clean air around.

Dyson Pure Cool Me: Technology at its core

Clever bit of engineering, nothing short of that. The Dyson Core Flow technology is a mechanism that creates a steady flow of air which collects at a point in the centre of the dome and bam – blasts out a beam of cool air, meant to be delivered straight at you. 

The dome on top can be adjusted as per your position, and we promise you'd never buy another one of those Japanese hand fans for the times when the office AC cannot beat the wrath of the Sun God. Unlike other Dyson air purifiers, this the Pure Cool Me doesn’t need app connectivity, so it even cuts down the hassles of connecting it to your Wi-Fi. The idea being, whether at your work desk or by your bedside, the machine and its remote are always supposed to be within arm’s reach.

Dyson Pure Cool Me: Sleep like a baby

Who would have thought a personal air treatment machine would be the answer to a good night's sleep. They've thought of all the ways to make you sleep like a baby – uninterrupted air flow, an ambient light sensor that goes off a few minutes after you put it on, timer of up to eight hours and a fan function as quiet as a giraffe. If only it could rock the cradle and sing us a lullaby... 

Stuff says... 

Dyson Pure Cool Me review

An indulgence to say the least, the tech is undeniably cool but in this case, an overkill
Good Stuff 
Quality air purification
Premium looks
Portable design
Easy setup
All-year-round usage
Bad Stuff 
A pricey wind machine
Can live without