Summing it up, since the launch of the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro, I’ve come to love my dog and my home a tad bit more!

Though vacuum cleaners have never been the hottest topics of discussion in my circle, they certainly have been the subject of quite a few fights with my husband over the size of the current vacuum cleaner, its storage and inefficiency in performing better than it does. I’ve been using the Dyson Cyclone V10 for a little over two weeks now and already the little minion that I used to plug into every socket I could find around the house is suddenly obsolete, and so are the fights.

So much peace prevails that my next thought was that maybe we should send the Dyson V10 across the border and spare a few lives on both sides. Closer home, throw a party without worrying about the post-party mess… host your child’s birthday with as much confetti as she likes and you certainly have brownie points at home.

That said, this cordless thing of wonder has been the best thing to have happened to my immediate ecosystem. I’m not the only one swept by its prowess - James Dyson is so convinced of its dust-busting abilities that they’re done making corded machines altogether.

See what it’s capable of, and even you’d wanna make it a permanent fixture in your household - the way it’s been gobbling dog hair from everywhere in my house, no wonder I have newfound respect for a clean environment.

India will see only one version of the Cyclone, the V10 Absolute Pro. It comes equipped with two cleaner heads and seven extra tools, and the upgraded motor from the V8, and lets you bid adieu to tripply, tangly cables.

Without being reckless in my praise for the V10, let me also not undermine the unmatched satisfaction a bin full of dog hair and hidden dust beholds. Dyson, in fact, feels so stringly about the subject of indoor pollution, that they have carried out an independent study, along with FRAI.


It's the new V10 motor that makes the Cyclone V10 such a sucker. It's smaller than the V8, and weighs half as much, but spins at a ludicrous 125,000rpm - which is 2,000 revs per second, so suction power is apparently up 20%.

The standard brush head is designed to create a seal between machine and floor to give extra suction, while the fluffy head has carbon fibre bristles for catching fine dust on shiny floors, and rediscovering the original shade of my carpet, which, till now had been plagued with dog hair. Even spot cleaning is spot on!

Aside from the extra strong motor that now takes lesser space than the V8, the other biggest feature that sets the two apart is the placement and size of the bin. The bin has been relocated to open right where you clip on the hose attachments, and emptying is simply a case of point and shoot.

The horizontal bin orientation in the V10 has reduced interruptions in the airflow, making it more effective, without loss of power. Airflow is now in one single direction - all the way from the attachment to the filters - till the point of exit from the filters. Simple aerodynamics, really. The centrifugal force manifests itself as pressure difference - the more pressure that can be produced in the motor, the more one can extract from the product. At 1,25,000 RPM, the blades of the Cyclone spin faster and we get more energy to spend, whether you’re going to work on your carpets or tackling the ceiling cobwebs.

The use of Phenolic glass (a woven glass fabric that has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties at elevated temperatures, and is also used in satellites) provide the V10 motor the freedom to perform at its maximum capacity. The V10 motor spins so fast and the force exerted from the shaft is so high that if you were to operate the motor without the glass, you’d certainly collapse.

The trigger grip is the common thread between the V8 and V10, and it doesn’t zap away precious power when you’re not actively cleaning. The three cleaning modes - low, medium and max (the V8 only had two) - are only helpful in cleaning the messiest of messes (our couch and mattress got a deep clean… a task no help has successfully accomplished so far) and just adds to its appeal.

Battery life: TAKING CHARGE

A handheld vacuum is a bit useless if it can't last long enough to get around the house, but battery life is one of the Cyclone V10's strengths. Its cleaning prowess is better than any help I’ve ever hired… it’s had my heart from the word go. The battery life on the V10 has been bumped up tp 60 minutes (on low mode), but deep cleaning days shall need patience ‘coz one the mini tornados are unleashed at full power, the battery is drained a lot quicker… you get five quality cleaning minutes from the mean dust machine.

Living in Mumbai, chances are you don’t live in a house the size of Windsor Palace, so an average sized house should survive a good clean within 60 minutes. The motor starts and reaches maximum power in less than a second, so you aren't waiting for it to spin up before you can start vacuuming. The LED indicator on the side always keeps you aware of how much juice you have left and the trigger grip is designed to give you full control and ensure the battery is being consumed only when needed.

The charging system hasn't changed: you still fix the docking station to a wall, plug in the charging cable and slide the V10 into place. That way it's always topped up when you need it and you don't need to faff around with plugging it in. It only takes about 3.5 hours to charge fully from empty and there's room for storing two of your most commonly used attachments underneath too, like with the V8.

Once used to a life of cordless delight, there really is no looking back to a life that used to consist of plugs and cables. Nor that of finding dog hair in your breathing space.


Capacity: IN IT TO BIN IT

The relocation of the storage bin has made 40% more room for the bin in the V10. Instead of sitting below the motor and emptying downwards, like it did in the V8, it opens right where you clip on the hose attachments. That makes it easier to point into the big bag, avoiding any spillages. Your very own rubbish rifle, more like. The movement is ever-so-slightly like sliding the bolt into place on a rifle. Who knew emptying a vacuum cleaner could feel so satisfying. I’m a soldier, fighting a war against dust. The bin release is a little stiff at first, but that’s maybe ‘coz of the vacuum it creates to seal the exit so no dust escapes. It takes a little getting used to, before you go firing your gun into the black bag.

The V10 comes equipped with cyclone technology at its core, so that there is constant suction power. Fourteen cyclones precisely arranged around the central axis of the machine enable the airflow inside each cyclone to travel at up to 190 kilometers per hour, generating over 79,000G, separating ultrafine dust particles up to a size of 1 micron from the air efficiently and capture them in the bin. The live demo in action of the V10’s prowess was seen when my dog shook himself after a walk.

The first thought in mind is to capture it in slo-mo, see first hand the royal hairfall from the royal canine. With all the proud moments, this so far has been the most annoying daily battle, quickly taken care of by the Dyson sucker, within a few seconds. The love for the dog has been amply restored. Hair ain’t a thing of worry no more!


Dyson Cyclone V10 verdict

The Dyson Cyclone V10 gives us enough reason to believe that somewhere in the future, we’d be telling our grandchildren tales of corded vacuum cleaners. Those Medusa-like wires and risking your life halfway through a clean will soon be a thing of folklore.

Like everything Dyson, this too is an expensive proposition, but a worthy one at that since it has managed to reach corners and heights your trusted bai wouldn’t ‘coz her back hurts! Wear your own dust-busting armour and prep for battle or use it like a versatile magic wand - one swoosh and it goes around bendy bookshelves and corners like a pole dancer showing off her flexibility skills.

Stuff says... 

Dyson Cyclone V10 review

Pricey it may be, but the V10 is one of the best cordless cleaning machines ever made and the new gold standard for home dirt-busting
Good Stuff 
Powerful suction suitable for all surfaces
Good battery life
Superior design to any competitors
Excellent accessories
Bigger capacity bin
Bad Stuff 
Bin release a little stiff
Battery drains quickly on highest setting

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