Dyson’s entry into India wouldn’t have been complete without the Airwrap Styler.

A follow-up tool to the Supersonic that styles hair as it dries, is easy to use and is versatile - true? Hell yeah! I’ve become quite the expert when it comes to using the Supersonic since it found its way to my dresser and continue The quieter, more efficient and futuristic version of the age-old salon and home equipment is now #lifegoals for further innovations in DIY hair care.

The Dyson Airwrap Styler had been much awaited and it’s safe to say that it has put DIY hair styling on a pedestal. Find some time to spare (honestly, an hour, at the least), a little patience (a whole lot of it, more like) and you’re well on your way to becoming a diva - at home, that too! You get to experiment with newer hair styles after every wash and reward yourself with a neat, salon-like look.

The modern-day contraption dries hair using air rather than heat – DIY can’t get better than this. The price can be overwhelming at first, but given its use, compared to the time and money spent at a salon, it justifies its price tag, even more than the Supersonic, we'd say! After spending over two weeks with it, here’s a full lowdown of the Airwrap...


Design and build

The Airwrap comes in a tan leather case that makes it look like you’re ready to leave for a mini vacation. We received the complete set with eight different attachments - four barrels, two brush attachments and one drying tool. For commercial sale, the Airwrap comes with five attachments each per variant (Volume + Shape / Smooth + Control).

It’s bulky if you were to travel with it, but if it’s sitting on your dresser, the brown box is the most convenient way to store the entire set together (psst, wait for the surprises these Dyson folks have up their sleeve to address your storage woes).

At the heart of these attachments lies the rod that is home to the motor. The Airwrap is powered by the same V9 motor that gives the Supersonic its purr and even though the attachments aren’t magnetic, they snap on and off easily. Intelligent heat control regulates the temperature and the tool practically saves your hair from excessive heat exposure. The major advantage of the Airwrap is its ability to style while it dries. That’s a huge advantage over traditional tongs that are neither equipped to control heat, nor can be used on wet hair. Plus, the time spent on getting a styling job done in salon is equal, if not more, and the damage is prominent as well. The Airwrap delivers results as good as a salon, minus the damage.

The tech inside

A whole lot of tech goes on here. The V9 motor manipulates air in a Coanda effect. This happens when high-speed air in a cylinder creates a vortex (like a jet engine). High pressure air flows out hot and fast from the six crevices in the barrels in a circular motion (which causes hair to attach itself to the surface), creating the desired curls. Its magic lies in using hot air to create curls rather than extreme heat (tongs).

Once the hair wraps around the barrel, all you have to do is take it closer to your head. A few seconds and the job is done. Like the Supersonic, this too comes with three speed and four heat settings. The cold shot technology is a feature on the Airwrap as well, and sets up the curls beautifully. Seal them with a decent hair spray and they’re likely to last you until the next morning as well.


Ease of use

It’s a process that requires both your time and patience, but the result is worth it. Video tutorials initially helped us get the hang of the right way to handle it. Once you do, it’s child’s play from there on. There are two of 30mm and 40mm barrels each and it takes some getting used to. The two curling wand heads use opposite airflow directions instead of one so when you switch sides, you switch the direction of the airflow.

Section a piece of hair and hold it up to the Airwrap, it sucks it and wraps it around for you. The two curling wand heads with opposite airflow directions do their bit. Set the curl with a shot of cold air and you’re ready to move on to the next. Wet hair is imperative, otherwise the curls would make you look like the victim of a seven-year-old’s salon game that you agreed to play at gunpoint.

Also, the drying mechanism isn’t even or as effective if you don’t take smaller sections of hair. A little math comes into play here - the surface area of the barrels can only handle that much volume it can wrap around it and dry at a time. With hair like ours - thick and long - timing was a huge challenge. The finer curls took a little over an hour, the beach waves just under one, but the Firm Smoothing brush and Soft Smoothing brush are good enough to achieve a fast, neat and frizz-free everyday look.

The volumising brush gives the roots an instant lift and is far less stressful and quicker compared to sitting through a salon blow dry by a long way.



I’m not a big fan of tongs and ever since the Supersonic blew me away, I’ve had good hair days, everyday, and have rarely visited the salon for a blow-out. Though the Supersonic has its own merits, the Airwrap gets brownie points from a very vain me. The price could be a hindrance at first, but one learns to overlook that when it’s a life-long investment like this one!

Does the Airwrap meet the claims? Oh yes, even more. With hair the length of mine, patience is a much-needed virtue. Going purely by that, I’d rather save the curls for a dressy night-out and the beach waves are best reserved for a lazy Sunday brunch. For my everyday use, the firm smoothing brush and soft smoothing brushes are a godsend.

Should you buy? You’ve got to ask yourself these questions. Are you someone who spends a reasonable amount of time (and money) fixing up your hair before stepping out? Is DIY hair care important? If you are indulgent in the first place, this is the ideal armour to shield your hair from damage caused by regular and excessive heat.

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Dyson Airwrap Styler review

A premium, high-tech wand that make your hair woes go away! Have a good hair day, everyday!
Good Stuff 
A gorgeous piece of hair equipment
DIY hairstyles right at home
Easy to Use
Bad Stuff 
Bulky (with the box)