While we find the Dell’s XPS series chasing Apple’s money-hungry lappies. Inspiron is scratching that slow itch of tech monkeys that want something that doesn’t look like it’s made from water bucket plastic and steal your money faster than tax regulations in India.

Enter the new Inspiron 13 7373, one that can easily be mistaken for an XPS 13 if you’re not tech-savvy. While putting on a bending trick, it’s packing Intel’s latest with plenty of RAM at your disposal. How does all that oomph translate into real life performance? We think you’ll like it if you have a really small bag.


Dell Inspiron 13 7373 body and design: Pre-me-yum!

Dell laptops have picked up an identity of their own. It’s that amazing build quality married to a bezel-shredding design that we have come to love. What you get is a teeny tiny laptop that fits almost anywhere. The footprint is barely a nail size wider than an A4 size sheet.

So, it’s small and weighs 1.45kgs. Good for someone always on the go and needs to finish work in transit. We were specially amazed with how closely it resembles an XPS laptop. The Era Gray colour on the brushed aluminum body strikes a Mac pose and also keeps the Dell’s sturdiness intact. We would still want it to be a bit lighter though, at least a tad bit closer to the feathery light MacBook at 920 grams.   

However, let's not forget that the Asus Zenbook UX430UQ sheds a little more weight in comparison to the Dell and doesn’t even follow the industry norm of copying Apple. It’s deviating from boring ‘premium’ colours and those zen-inspired circles look good and feel even better.

Dell Inspiron 13 7373 Display: Touch-me-not

We’ve seen a couple of 2-in-1s lately and are still scratching our heads over whether people purchase these for consuming multimedia or strictly for penning down Photoshop-worthy designs that can’t be achieved through a trackpad?

This 13 incher bends over backwards for some tablet benefits of watching Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on an impressive screen. Tales by Light on Netflix was especially good, I was surprised at how a screen of this calibre handled the blacks. The 1080p touchscreen has great viewing angles and really nice colours with no noticeable flaws.

Whip out a Bluetooth digital pen and you’ll be greeted with some quirky apps from Windows to doodle or show off some basic photoshop skills. Having a 2-in-1 certainly has its benefits here, but you’ll have to buy a digital pen separately.

Don’t forget, the MacBook Air which is still selling right now, the MacBook 2017 and the aforementioned Zenbook all have good quality screens. But they aren’t touchscreens so we’ll give Dell a cookie for that added benefit.

Dell Inspiron 13 7373 Performance & Battery: Good Dell-ivery

Intel’s 8th Gen nuggets sealed together with 16GB of RAM will reassure you of the right choice for the price everytime you see an Apple snob passing by. There’s plenty of power in this notebook-sized lappy.

We ran our benchmark shenanigans on PC Mark 10 at best performance mode and got a score of 3778 which is weirdly less than the i7 7th Gen Asus Zenbook benchmark. That’s also because the Zenbook has a Nvidia GeForce 940MX. What about Dell? It’s limping on Intel UHD 620 graphics. Bummer.

During regular use the Inspiron 13 is fast, you’re in no way at the mercy of the machine. It’s capable of what you’ve splurged your cash on. The small form factor offers great flexibility in terms of working from anywhere. That is also one of the reasons why the battery won’t last you more than a bare minimum of four to five hours. A few more hours can be juiced out from that battery if you switch to power saver mode, but pfff. Both the Asus and the Mac are capable of seven hours and above.


Dell Inspiron 13 7373 Features & Ports: A Dell-icious assortment

In my entire review time period, I have not even once typed in my password to unlock this laptop. The Windows Hello Facial Recognition works so effortlessly that I think i’ll need rehab to come to terms with my office desktop.

It's got plenty of ports too, so if you’re someone constantly playing find-the-adapter on Amazon India, this bender’s got two USB 3.1 Gen 1 and one USB 3.1 Type-C. There’s even HDMI 2.0 and a SD card reader. That USB Type-C can also be used to charge the laptop but it’s not as easy as plugging in your smartphone charger. It needs a specific charging adapter and cable to do the trick. Take a look at this video from The Verge to help you understand more about this.

The keyboard is really nice to use, with a grippy texture that feels very satisfying. The trackpad is equally responsive. There is no volume rocker on the side so you’ll have to adjust the system volume using touch before you get into Netflix on tablet mode.

Stuff says... 

Dell Inspiron 13 7373 2-in-1 review

The compact size compliments the 2-in-1 portability to do more than just regular office tricks
Good Stuff 
Comfortably compact
2-in-1 adds a good layer of features
Binge-worthy screen
Sturdy body
Looks and feels premium
Windows Hello is at its best on this
Bad Stuff 
Battery life is disappointing
A bit on the heavier side as compared to the competition
Intel 8th Gen isn’t as exciting