The new white kid on the block is slim, shady and comes with that typical dollop of criminal Alienware braggadocio.

As the trend dictates, a slimmer version of an established flagship 51M should be no surprise. It shares its dimensions with the current crop of competitors out there, maxing out the height at 20mm. The power brick, on the other hand, is flat but huge, but more cribbing about it later. Our version comes with a splendid 4K OLED and costs a trouser-troubling ₹2,13,689, while the top-spec variant with the RTX 2080 drops in at ₹2.8 lakh.


Classy, elegant and oh-so-ostentatious, you can’t picture it in your head without smoke effects and dim rays of RGB surrounding its magnesium alloy chassis in a disco. Yes, its looks could charm Tweety from the trees and it has sure worked its magic on everyone at the HQ, but you know a product has real appeal when it makes the hefty asking price magically appear reasonable.

The RGB halo ring along the back is a touch of class, however, the glossy plastic bits at the top half of the lid and base are an odd choice and will attract scratches if you’re not careful – just like your supercar.

The m15, however, is just so different from everything out there, including the elusive yet sexy MSI GS75 and its gold embellishments. While gold never gets old, white unfortunately, in our experience, turns Cheeto-orange real quick. So, if you’re getting the white variant (it looks the best in flesh according to us), you will need to have hand sanitizer ready to avoid any grubby smudges.


Open the lid (with clean hands) and you are greeted to a gorgeous OLED 4K display with blazing 1ms response time and a standard 60Hz refresh rate. It handles contrast and colours staggeringly well. Playing RDR2 was a visual treat, but soon we realised playing anything on this display would be.

But the real trouble is the age-old refresh rate issue and, while for a gamer it makes sense to opt for the 1080p 240Hz, the 4K OLED panel on here is truly a stunner and you will absolutely fall in love with it if you consume a lot of media or use it for editing content.


With the RTX2070 under the hood and Intel’s latest Core i7-9750H chip, the m15 scores a stunning 6899 in the Time Spy benchmark, 4349 in the Fire Strike Ultra and 14,729 in the regular Fire Strike benchmark. It is the usual performance you’d get from an RTX 2070. Games like PUBG are no sweat and easily get a healthy 300+ FPS. We even loaded up Witcher 3, just for fun (it makes you do these things). 

Needless to say, it easily eats AAA titles for breakfast. We also loaded up Metro Exodus and were amazed at how well the m15 handles it without flutter, the only trade off being the annoying fan noise, but no real heating issue thanks to V3 of Cryo-Tech.


The RGB keyboard has got a haul over and now comes with 1.7mm of travel and is a joy to game and type on. The entire suite of Alien FX is available for you to customise to your heart’s liking. It also allows syncing the back halo light and makes for some amazing effects. However, the trackpad is a bit of a squeeze and gestures are not the most fluid. This was the only annoying bit about the m15 and is so bad, it forces you to use a mouse in frustration.

Tobii fandemonium

We aren’t the biggest Tobii fans, although having it is a nice touch, though not a necessity. It manages to work rather well too, dimming the display when you’re not looking at it and bringing it back to life once your eyes are on it, but there are not many games that take full advantage of the system and even with the ones that do, there’s a slight learning curve involved.

Alienware m15 Verdict

It is different and you will be noticed wherever you are. The appeal is strong with this one and it backs it up with class-leading performance and top-notch Alienware quality. The charger sure is a drag, and you will need to lug it around, but it’s worth it.

Stuff says... 

Dell Alienware m15 review

Stuff’s new favourite thin gaming laptop? Yes, it’s the m15
Good Stuff 
Jaw-dropping gorgeous
OLED display is best-in-class
RTX 2070 is enough
Bad Stuff 
Glossy plastic bit is cheap
Trackpad needs work