What’s the story?

Soundbars are meant to be heard, not seen. Someone must’ve forgotten to tell Dali that, because the Kubik One is a stunner. It looks like a high-end lifestyle product, and to be fair, if you’re going to charge ₹1,05,000 for a soundbar, it had better look the part.

The striking red grille can be swapped for alternatives in white, black, purple, green or more. But there’s more to the Kubik One than a pretty exterior. The chassis is a single aluminium piece that staves off unwanted resonances. It’s got a micro USB port for connecting your Mac or PC, and can handle high-res files up to 24-bit/96kHz. Now it’s just showing off.

Any good?

Dali knows a thing or two about making great-looking, great-sounding loudspeakers, and that Danish heritage comes through in the Kubik One. It’s a riveting listen. The scale of sound is immense, with effects pinging around with punch and precision. There’s ample low-end heft, and plenty of nuance and texture to every ounce of detail.

The sound is impressively clear and controlled amidst the bold dynamics, and we couldn’t tear ourselves away from listening to it. It’s not the kind of performance we expect from soundbars – it’s wholly captivating.

Apart from making sure your TV is tall enough to not get cut off by the tall bar (the Dali stands 16cm high), the soundbar is a dream to use. If you’ve got the cash to splash, this is one talented system worth investing in.

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