There’s no escaping early morning Zoom calls in this pandemic world, and the worst you can do is turn up groggy in front of your boss. The only thing making these meetings bearable is a cup of coffee. What we all really need is a quick and convenient way to make a cuppa. And no, we don’t mean our loved ones, but instead, a coffee machine. 

Coffeeza’s Lattisso one-touch capsule coffee machine promises to make you a coffee as good as your local barista. That too in just a few seconds, and with a press of a button. So does it deliver on its lofty promises or falls flat? Read on.

Keep it anywhere

The Lattisso is Italian not just by its name, but also in the way it looks. Besides the small milk frother jutting out from the side, the machine itself is quite slim and sleek. You get a choice between white and black colours, and the former is clearly more chic. 

It is light enough to be carried anywhere from your bedroom to the kitchen, and can be kept on a countertop or even your office desk. It is however best kept somewhere that is a few steps away from a sink or a washbasin for when it is time to clean – more on that later.

Pod to cup

We’ll answer the most important question first – the Coffeeza Lattisso makes a really nice coffee. We tried out the samplers sent for review as well as a few flavours from the store, and everything was pretty damn delicious.

The entire process, from capsule insertion to sip, is really easy, and quite fast. You basically fill up the rear tank with water, insert a coffee pod at the top, press the Espresso or Lungo button, and voila, you’ve got some delicious black coffee in just a few seconds. 

For a cup of cappuccino, the only extra step is to add normal milk into the detachable frother and attach it on the top-right side. The process isn’t very different, but it takes an extra few seconds. These at-home cappuccinos are certainly not as velvety as some barista-made cups, but they absolutely satisfy.

The only thing to complain about is that you can only make one cup of coffee at a time. So when you’ve got guests over, it is better to order coffee from your local cafe or you’ll end up spending the entire evening sitting alongside the machine instead of your friends. 

Coffeeza sent us three flavours – Ethiopia, Cremoso, Forte – to try out. But the brand has more options for when you want to try something new. For more experimenting, you can also go for Nespresso coffee pods, which are compatible with this machine as well.


There’s very little in the way of cleaning or maintenance, barring an occasional emptying of the drip tray, an occasional rinsing of the removable pod container and, of course, the refilling of the water tank. The container can hold up to 10 pods, which doesn’t sound a lot, but we’ve only had to empty it once every 3-4 days. All the parts can be removed and cleaned without hassle. 

Speaking of emptying, we were a bit skeptical at first about the amount of waste we are generating with these single-use pods. But a quick scan through Coffeeza’s website reveals a recycling program. Basically, once you’ve collected 100 used pods, the company will have them collected, and recycle responsibly.


Having used the Coffeeza Lattisso for the past couple of weeks, I can’t see myself going back to making coffee any other way. The coffee maker is easy to use, makes delicious coffee in no time, and is exactly what you need for a good wake-me-up. It does everything the local barista would do, except call out your name when your coffee is ready. 

At the time of review, the Lattisso is available online for less than ₹25,000, which makes it a splendid investment. The only recurring cost will be buying more pods, which start at ₹483 for a box of 10.

Tech Specs 
Cappuccino, Espresso, Lungo
White, Black
Coffeeza and Nespresso coffee capsules
Stuff says... 

Coffeeza Lattisso One-Touch Capsule Coffee Machine review

Well built and easy-to-use, this is a fantastic way to make café-beating coffees at home.
Good Stuff 
A breeze to operate
Great tasting coffee every time
Easy disassembly for cleaning
Bad Stuff 
Brews only one cup of coffee at a time
Coffee pods can get expensive