Mirrorless cameras are the rage of our age.

We’ve some stunning examples of the idea in action so it’s fair to say they’re exciting little snappers to look forward to. Canon’s been extremely cautious to jump onto the bandwagon with their DSLRs having an almost religious following. Better late to the party than never, we finally have an entry level mirrorless cam from the brand and it’s no damp squib this.

Aimed at the most active photographers amongst us, smartphone users, the EOS M50 packs a host of firsts for a mirrorless cam from the brand: 4K video recording, a vari-angle touchscreen, a silent shutter mode and the new Digic 8 processor. Enough reasons to get excited then. Question is, are you ready for your first proper camera?


In order to ease its target users into the transition to a dedicated camera, Canon’s been careful not to build a hulking mass of intimidation. That’s why the M50 comes in a friendly size compared to its DSLR brethren. The chunky grip ensures uncompromised ergonomics while a bundled 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens is plenty to get you started.

Physical buttons have been replaced with touchscreen controls for the most part lending a sense of familiarity to smartphone users. Good thing then that it’s user friendly offering tips on how various settings will affect your final image. Of course, if the spoon-feeding gets overwhelming, you can always switch back to traditional settings.


A traditional optical viewfinder has been swapped out for an electronic one instead. Perks of an EVF include the ability to view how your settings will affect your final image before you click as well as a quick review of your image post shot without taking the camera away from your eye. Large and bright, the EVF switches off automatically when you move away using the required sensors to do so.

Canon’s clever ‘Touch and Drag’ option lets you use the touchscreen to set AF points while you’re using the viewfinder. The screen’s bendy articulation is perfect for shots from awkward angles and helps tremendously when recording video. You can also flip it around to stow it away before chucking it into your backpack.


Stuff says... 

Canon EOS M50 review

Smartphone photographers looking for an upgrade will be smart to start here 
Good Stuff 
Small and light
Good viewfinder
Looks like a mini DSLR
Bad Stuff 
Dials and controls might be too limited for some
Limited battery life
Small selection of native lenses right now