A proper hi-fi brand turning its attention to cheaper Bluetooth speaker fare isn't always a recipe for success.

But British Luminary Cambridge Audio is on to a real winner with the Go - this is a wee portable noise-box with features and sound quality to spare.

Features a-plenty

It's a really nicely designed thing, the Go. It's light enough to go anywhere but solid enough to survive the general rough and tumble of life in a rucksack, and the understated black and white finished can now be rejected in favour of bright blue or red if you're after a more attention-grabbing look.

Bluetooth is clearly the intended method of musical transfer (and comes in the form of hi-fi nerd-pleasing aptX) but there's also a 3.5mm aux-in if you want to go old-school. And it's got a USB socket that can be used to keep your portable player of choice juiced up while you play. With 18-hours of playback avauilable from a single charge, it's got juice to spare, too.

The more premium option

Sounding out

The sound you get from the little Go is so much bigger, punchier and downright better than you have any right to expect considering the size and price.

This is a delivery with real body and solidity, plenty of detail and a surprising amount of bass. Essentially it's always fun to listen to and never spoils the delivery with any harshness - and that makes it pretty darn perfect for pumping out the jams wherever you might want them.

Stuff says... 

Cambridge Audio Go (v2) review

A portable Bluetooth speaker of rare quality - take the party wherever you fancy
Good Stuff 
Great sound
Smart, solid and compact
Pretty darn affordable
Bad Stuff 
Nothing at all