Make some noise

When a manufacturer of esteemed hi-fi pedigree makes a small, affordable thing, you sit up and listen. The T7 is B&W’s first portable Bluetooth speaker, and it is lovely.

The honeycomb frame looks like the sort of thing Darth Vader might keep evil bees in, but this ‘micro matrix’ creates a solid, resonance-free structure. It’s weighty, though not enough to be a burden. The rubbery edges give it some degree of protection, but don’t go rock-climbing with it.

As for features, the T7 isn’t a Swiss army knife. You get aptX Bluetooth and a 3.5mm headphone input, and that’s your lot.

Boom or fizzle?

The quality is extraordinary for a speaker of this size and type. It’s a natural, balanced performance: vocals are clear and open, and backed by the kind of solid bass that gets your heel tapping. It gets plenty loud with little effort – impressive dynamics and timing ensure precise, hard-hitting kicks.

And it’s easy to use – you can pair your phone without frantic jabbing. A touch of the power button lights up a tiny row of LEDs, used to indicate battery life. B&W claims the T7 has 18 hours of juice, but we had no problem getting more than 24 hours.


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