England-based soundmeisters Bowers & Wilkins’ first pair of cans, the P5s, were as popular as they were excellent, but B&W hasn’t rested on its laurels. 

Not only are the new P3 on-ears more advanced and more portable, they’re also more affordable. I don’t remember a pair of cans as stylish as these; they’re glamourous without being gauche, and while they look delicate they’re surprisingly strong.

All punch, sparkle and solidity

Lightweight materials, a foldable design and the neat carry case make them great for commuting too. Oh, and they also sound superb – all punch, sparkle and solidity. Bass is deep and weighty but not at the expense of mid-range detail or clarity. In short, they’re absolutely brilliant and deserve their position in our Top Ten list of the best headphones. 

The fact that two cables come in the box – one with a mic and remote for iPhones and one without - only sweetens the already candy floss-like deal. 

Stuff says... 

B&W P3 review

Superb sound and a solid, achingly stylish design make these the best portable on-ears around