‘Simply great’ -  doesn’t seem to fully encompass the audio fidelity of the Soul Byrd but it does give you an idea of what we’re getting at.

Don’t stress your noggin and buy them without reading ahead. Like all finely tuned exotics from Germany, this one servers a better purpose if used correctly. Oh, and correctly using the Soul Byrd is one of the greatest gifts you can serve your eardrums.


Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd: Two byrds with one stone

Before you blame us for getting boring and serious, hear us out. Because the Soul Byrd really hit home with our nerd senses, we couldn’t help but clarify that these are special in more ways than one.

Firstly, the balanced audio quality is astonishing and secondly, they work WAY better with a juicier source (say a MacBook Pro).

And thirdly as advertised, to work with smartphones, they come with an in-line three button remote to execute universal commands. Volume adjustment, bringing up voice assistant and changing/pausing tracks is possible across iOS and Android devices and even MacBooks.

The sublime fit and the comfortable tips don’t sap the life out of long music sessions. The buds nestled perfectly within the ears and even the flat faceplate doesn’t intervene when you lie down sideways.

Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd: Byrd song

There’s one thing the Soul Byrd do perfectly is the tonal balance and Filthy by Justin Timberlake demonstrates that perfectly. The clarity in the upbeat introduction transitions so effortlessly into the bassline accompanied by the rhythmic scratching. It expresses the confusion in the track’s beats and rhythm with enthusiasm and detail.

The way these tiny in-ears manage the low frequencies in bad guy without overpowering the soft melodies is remarkable. The humming and puffing from Billie Eilish’s sometimes reedy vocals carry emotion without losing edge to the constant bass in the melody. Play Feelings by Tim Deluxe and these in-ears pick up the thin shimmering of the cymbals that keep the tempo moving while allowing the impressive brass instruments to show you how weighty yet controlled the sound from these in-ears truly is.

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Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd review

Fantastic audio quality and comfortable fit is why these are our favourite in-ears
Good Stuff 
Balanced audio
Rich details
Robust build quality
You can lie down on one side using these
Handy case
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