Hi-Fi 2018

Amazon Echo Plus 2.1

Awards Winner
In the Echo Plus 2.1 stereo system, Amazon’s delivered a pair of updated Echo Plus speakers (called Generation 2) along with a brand new subwoofer (called, entirely sensibly, Echo Sub) which form a very affordable, very discreet stereo system. Turning a couple of Echo Pluses into a true left/right stereo pair means taking a little more care about how you position them, of course. But give them a chance and they’ll deliver a truly impressive soundstage, demonstrating good focus and a decent impression of depth and height. No doubt the Echo Plus 2.1 has all that admirable Alexa versatility and convenience. This is a stellar streaming setup that you gotta give a go.

The runners-up

Mass Fidelity Core

Big sound in small speaker has always been a unicorn but DSP has come to the rescue more often than not. Mass Fidelity’s take on DSP is unique, giving it an ‘out of the box’ sound!

B&O Edge

Expecting anything normal from Danish brand B&O would be like asking Ranveer Singh to dress decent. They just can’t. The Edge is inspired by the British Pound coin and can be motion controlled by rolling it around!


A modern design icon, the smaller version of the LS monitors takes the Uni-Q driver technology and brings it to even more affordable and compact desk spaces. Audiophile sound for everyone now.

Studio Nineteen E-500X

It may be a bit steep for a BT speaker with no app control or smarts, but the E-500X manages to sound like a proper loudspeaker at the fraction of the size and adds an amazing 8hr battery life!