Action Camera/Drone of the Year 2018

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Awards Winner
Drone-maker DJI is on a roll. If you’d asked us a few months ago to name our favourite flying camera, we’d have blurted out the words "Mavic Air" before you’d finished the sentence. Things have changed in a short space of time and it’s all down to this handsome aerial devil. In short, the Mavic 2 Pro feels like a drone with no real weaknesses. Image quality, flight time, speed, omnidirectional obstacle sensing, intelligent flight modes, and its unique Hyperlapse mode for timelapses on the move, are all nothing short of glorious and it flies like an absolute dream. The gold standard in portable drones and top of our quadcopter wish list without hesitation.

The runners up

Possibly the easiest way to shoot 360-degree video, GoPro’s double-sided Fusion cam is loads of fun to use, even if it is a bit rough around the edges at the moment.

GoPro’s Hero7 Black almost justifies its price tag with the incredibly effective HyperSmooth image stabilisation alone, but its 4K footage is also rich and detailed. It’s just a shame it eats through the battery so quickly.