Smart Home Gadget of the Year 2016

Awards Winner
As far as robot vacuums go, the Roomba 980 is excellent. It cleans fairly thoroughly, looks great, doesn’t make too much noise, and is super-simple to use. You’ll need to keep a close eye on it for the first few outings away from the charging dock, in case an errant sock or dangerously low coffee table decides to throw a spanner in the works, and no-one’s come up with an answer for the whole “emptying it when it’s full” thing, but still: it’ll let you lock your regular vac in the cupboard until it’s time for serious spring cleaning. Once it’s learned the lay of the land (or the lay of the living room, rather) you can basically leave it to get on with business. See – it should totally be running the world after all.

The runners up

Nespresso Pixie

It’s uber-compact, manages to look retro and modern at the same time, and is ready to pour out your morning cup ‘o joe within 25 seconds of startup.

Simple and convenient IoT plugs that convert any socket into a smart plug. Control them via your smartphone and forget about chatting with an AI.

Plug-and-play simplicity is nice, but the Eagle I can be paired with sensors to detect anything from open doors to smoke.

Who knew connecting your lightbulbs to the internet could be this much fun? Philips just keeps making its Hue lighting system better and better, and it’s still one of our favourite luxuries.