The ATH-S200BT comes in three colour variants and the white unit we have looks absolutely stunning. We love how Audio Technica can make something budget look so premium and well rounded. At first glance, you could mistake these for a pair that would cost close to a cool ₹15-18k, it is when you pick them up you notice the lack of weight. 

ATH-S200BT: Quality

The 200BT feel built to a budget, and the plastic does feel cheap, but underneath there rests a metal headband to lend it a sturdier feel. The cups fold flat which is quite handy when you need to carry them around. On that note, you only get a charging cable in the box. There’s no extra earpads or a travelling case, which would have been a nice addition. Three buttons are ergonomically placed that allow you to control your music and volume.

ATH-S200BT: Fit and comfort

They feel light to wear and the earpads and headband feel comfy on the head. The problem is that, initially they clamp to your ears like a distraught insecure better half. It’s a bit of a tight fit and since they are on-ears, you will tend to take them off after an hour or two especially if you wear glasses. 

However, the tight fit also makes them pretty secure and doesn’t cause any sound to leak, neither any to seep in, which is pretty good if you’re on a flight or a noisy Mumbai local and need to drain out some noise, but don’t expect too much, as you will be depending purely on physics and loud volume.

ATH-S200BT: Audio Quality

We played Xanny by Billie Eilish and it was apparent that these have a warmer signature and sound average. It delivers the bass line with enough energy but not as much detail as we’d like. Switching to Kaleo, his piercing vocals come through quite well, if not the most detailed and layered.

These are also great to Netflix binge and watching a few episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine was enjoyable as dialogues and effects came through without any lag or problems. They do well with almost all genres and quite frankly, at this price, apart from the actual tight fit of the headphones that make you take them off, there’s nothing really to complain about in terms of sound quality.

ATH-S200BT: Battery Life

So, it has got acceptable audio for its price, but what we didn’t expect was a massive 40-hour battery life. It still uses the Micro USB port though, but that’s hardly an issue as these are one of ‘those’ that you charge to 100 and then use them for days on end, forgetting when you last put them to charge. 


In terms of competition, there are very few at this price that offer a half decent experience as these. The most recent pair of cans that come to mind are the new Sony XB 700 that drop in at ₹8000 but offer a lot more in terms of app connectivity and tuning the audio output. You also get tap functionality and the voice assistants, but the Audio Technica does trump it in battery life. If you’re on a budget, these are what we’d call a ‘decent’ buy.

Stuff says... 

Audio-Technica ATH-S200BT review

Pretty impressive for what it offers for just ₹5990. It looks much more premium too
Good Stuff 
Battery Life
Warm signature
Bad Stuff 
Fits too tight
No case or extras