Gather around gaming enthu-cutlets and workstation geeks, this one’s a package!

The best of the best gaming laptops usually come to the Stuff HQ either in a bag big enough to fit an annoying colleague and have it shipped to the Himalayas or a Military grade suitcase that can withstand a stampede. Not here, the Zephyrus series has changed the trend of bulky gaming laptops.

No more suitcases and a gym membership to get your laptop to work. The ROG Zephyrus at hand, is about as thick as two USB heads and powerful enough to run Battlefield V on max settings with Ray Tracing. Strap in, ROG’s first line up of gaming laptops with the famed RTX series GPUs are here.

Slim seductive slab

The previous gen Zephyrus had an amazing build quality and we’re happy to report that Asus has maintained that even in their 2019 iteration. The design language stays very much the same too. The aluminum chassis is strong and very angular. Whereas the plastic panel below the laptop that lifts when from you open the lid has become sturdier than before.

The keyboard area is extended towards the user, giving plenty of headroom for the Zephyrus to breathe in cool air from the top. The keyboard has per key RGB and has a nice feel to them meanwhile the trackpad is pushed to the side which also lights up to turn into a number pad at the push of a button. It’s not very functional but gets the job done.

We don’t know if Asus will pack a wrist support for the Zephyrus S. If was available in the box with the previous gen laptops so we have no reason to believe that Asus might have skimped out here. We’ll know that in the full review when the laptop finally arrives at the office.

Pantone style Jutsu

The screen deserves a special mention here. If tech is what you’re concerned for then how does G-Sync with 144Hz refresh rate and 3ms of response time sound? Pretty fantastic right? Now take all of that and put it on a Pantone (the folks who have colour of the year award and things like that) accurate display.

This FullHD screen looks absolutely good and you truly have to see it to believe it. We played Doom and Battlefield V on it and it was brimming with vivid visuals. Every gunfire felt visually wholesome and especially when you consider Nvidia’s Ray Tracing and Battlefield’s love for fireworks.

Not to mention, workstation pros will be drooling over its colour reproduction. Photoshop and Video editing would just be perfect for any day time editor and night time gamer.

Crammed power

As tradition goes, 2019 equals 8th Gen processors and plenty of RAM if you’re talking about a premium gaming laptop. The 8th i7-8750H isn’t cutting any corners and 24GB of RAM is much needed and quite reassuring for designers and people with a flare for creativity.

Obviously the star of the show is Nvidia RTX 2080 (Max-Q) with 8GB of VRAM. Interestingly, the power draw of these new GPUs can be changed. So the RTX 2080 here is at 100W, which means every RTX 2080 GPU will perform differently depending upon their power draw that affects their clock speed. Don’t sweat though, this one is a capable beast.On the 1920x1080 resolution, the RTX 2080 was breezing through Battlefield V and Doom. Both these games were running on the highest settings and battlefield managed a steady 95+ frame rate with Ray Tracing on. We’ll be sure to give this a proper Stuff treatment in the full review.

Extra capture

Usually we complain less about about the in-built camera on any laptop. Even the most premium laptops come with cameras that feature prehistoric (in the tech world) resolution. Seeing how the trend of banishing bezels is creeping into every inch of screen space surrounding our senses, it’s harder for companies to jam a pixel peeper onto the limited real-estate around the screen. The ROG Zephyrus S solves that issue with ease.

It includes a clip-on camera that is astonishingly clear for a laptop. You can mount it on its lilliputian stand and start your streaming career without looking like a character from Minecraft.

The audio wheel is ROG’s way of handling volume now. It’s tactile and feels pristine. Although we’re not sure about moving parts on a gaming laptop. Usually gaming headphones have one on them already but this is not bad either.

The new ROG Center has also got a fresh new coat with a cleaner and less gody look.

Initial Verdict

Only a small bunch of folks would find it necessary to splurge ₹3,49,990 on a gaming laptop. But all of them will certainly be excited to use the Zephyrus S like we were during the hands-on session.

The slim form factor and incredible specs is seriously a game changer for video editors and on-the-go creators. There’s a certain exclusivity about the Zephyrus S and that is justified by its premium build quality. We’ve seen it deliver a smooth experience to play Battlefield V and Doom,  and it’s only a matter of time before we get our mitts on it. Be sure to check back when we put the Asus ROG Zephyrus S through its paces in the Stuff HQ and deliver the final verdict.