Gaming laptops tend to stand out courtesy of their outworldly designs, and yes, those funky RGB lighting. Asus has slapped the same formula they use for designing a ROG laptop - a necessary RGB strip, plenty of customisations and enough space to fit your first born. 

Enter, ROG Ranger BP3703G, a gaming backpack that is as outlandish as any gaming laptop out there. It’s not just the design though, but even the ₹19,999 price tag that is not for the faint of heart. So is it simply an (over)indulgence or an absolute necessity for anyone calling themselves a gamer? Read on to find out.

Built like a gaming rig

The first thing you notice is how big the backpack is, and tipping the scales at 1.94kgs, it is no featherweight either. It has a capacity of 20 litres, and can carry up to 17in laptops, among other things. Once the bag is packed, you’re likely to get into fights at airline counters trying to convince them that this is hand luggage. 

There’s no denying however that the backpack is built like a tank (feels like one on your shoulders too). Asus has used a 1680D Polyester weave that feels good to touch and is also scratch-resistant. The bag is also waterproof courtesy of the weave, and water-repellent zips. Adding to this protection is a reflective rain cover hidden inside a pouch. 

Its modular compartments remind you of a gaming rig. For example, there’s a pouch up front that can be removed and used separately as a messenger bag. There are two major partitions, with the first meant to store your laptop(s). You can store a 17in laptop as well as a smaller laptop. The bigger partition has a number of small pockets and to fit in all kinds of stuff with almost everything getting their own section.

Light it up

The backpack lives up its gaming credentials with Aura RGB lighting up the front that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. A bold ROG logo and a slash running across the face lights up to give this backpack some much needed character. 

There are seven preset effects, and eight colour choices that can all be controlled via a controller attached to the side of the bag. The controller has four buttons to switch on/off and toggle between lighting effects. It also has a built-in ambient sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the lights. On the inside is a strip of white LEDs that really comes in handy when searching for small items in the dark. 

My only complaint is that you need to connect an external power bank of your own to supply power to the lights. When you consider the price tag, it feels like a glaring omission. Imagine being invited to a cocktail party, but being asked to get your own cocktails. 

Technically you can use your laptop’s battery (using powershare feature) to power this thing. But the controller is wired into the main partition, so it can’t reach the laptop. A small rechargeable battery on the inside would have probably done a better job.


The ROG Ranger BP3703G backpack’s versatility and build quality is sure to make a gamer drool. The overall design and RGB lighting reminds you of a gaming PC, and the various compartments also make it look like the insides of one. 

Even techies like us who have to sometimes carry a lot of gear will no doubt appreciate what the backpack brings to the table. That said, the almost ₹20K price tag is what stops it turning from an indulgence to a necessity.

Tech Specs 
300x170x480 mm
Reversed Polyester
Stuff says... 

Asus ROG Ranger BP3703G gaming backpack review

A well built and versatile backpack that will attract rich gamers – and rich gamers only. 
Good Stuff 
Great padding to keep the expensive laptop safe
RGB lighting makes everything look good
Plenty of space and pockets for all your gadgets
Bad Stuff 
Heavier than usual laptop bags
No built-in battery