If there was any confusion in placing the router in the best possible spot at home, try it with Lyra Voice, you’ll end up on the Magicbricks website.

But a mere router won’t demand shifting houses, it needs to have mesh support and an IQ higher than your chatty colleague. Thankfully, Asus’ latest wireless gizmo has AiMesh and Alexa built-in. All of that without looking like a saucer or having any of those pointy things sticking out.

While we complain about other routers and their Sauron-like look, allow us to tell you why talking to your WiFi is slightly less boring than just having a chuck of plastic sitting at the polar end of your house, beaming dial-up speeds.

Lyra Voice: Parental approval

If your family members’ obsession extends outside of Instagram, then you’re in luck. The fabric finish on the Lyra Voice is made to appeal to the nitpicky family member, and this time you won’t be forced to push the WiFi router to the far edges of the room.

Following the footsteps of Amazon’s Echo devices and Google’s Nest Hub, the Lyra is covered in fabric, but it’s not as high-quality as the competitors’ offerings. It’s shaped like a long Bluetooth speaker with front firing speakers.

Lyra Voice: Jack of all

It can monitor your bandwidth and spread love and joy (read as: Internet) across your home, connect to existing routers and push that love to the far reaches of your home (can work as a repeater) and even tell your bedroom lights to change colour (using Alexa). The stereo speakers not only help you interact with Alexa but even let her become your favourite DJ.

So, a WiFi that has it all? Is this the future? Well… the Lyra Voice can do things which no other WiFi router can, and it’s a decent one too. The WiFi department is probably its strongest attribute. It can spread and extend internet coverage in your house. If you have any other router already installed, especially Asus routers, it will seamlessly work with it and create an AiMesh network in your batcave.

We used it with our Jio router and bounced 5GHz network around the house for wider coverage. Needless to say it worked perfectly.

Lyra Voice: App and Audio quality

There are two apps to control and monitor your WiFi network and tweak it to your settings, and then an Alexa app to control and manage your AI butler. So downloading three apps to make use of one device is slightly bothersome at start.

The setup for the WiFi router is quite easy, but we didn’t get the point of downloading Asus Lyra app and Asus Router app for doing the exact same thing. Asus Router app offers a bit more information on your router’s behaviour, but the UI looks like it was made in 2009 by a bunch of college dropouts. The Lyra app is cleaner and very 2019-like.

Besides the initial setup, you can set passwords, parental controls and get all the network settings at your disposal to get things up and running. It’ll even give a WiFi nerd (that’s a thing, our Web Editor is one) all the buttons to push in order to keep things secure and have a God-like control over the network.

After the brief setup, it’s easy to forget that this is a router and every interaction afterwards is with Alexa. Setting up Alexa is as easy as pushing elevator buttons, and it works like any other Echo device (2nd Gen).

Amazon has very recently got the rights to connect and play your playlist from Apple Music, but the Lyra Voice is not authorised to. It can only play from other services that Amazon lets you connect to, and though it’s not a dealbreaker, we can’t say the same about the audio quality.

The speakers are loud like any sub-standard Bluetooth speakers but lack bass and definition. It’s good enough to fill the room with sound, but if you’re looking for good quality audio, you’ll be disappointed.

The microphones are sharp enough for Alexa to pick up your commands, but it’s not at par with the ones on the Echo 3rd generation devices.

Lyra Voice: Verdict

It’s good enough to not be tucked away in a corner because Alexa coupled with stereo speakers is a useful combo.

You won’t have to worry about network coverage or network quality and if you can overlook the half-baked audio quality, the Lyra Voice is a multipurpose device that can sit nicely in your living room.

And if you’re wondering if you can tell Alexa to change or control your network settings, then the answer is a big ‘NO’. The router and Alexa work completely independent of each other; also, it’ll be a security problem for your network.

The Lyra Voice can do a lot of things, but it doesn’t necessarily do all of them with perfection.

Stuff says... 

Asus Lyra Voice review

Space is less in India, make sure you have a smart WiFi with an AI butler – maybe Lyra Voice?
Good Stuff 
Good WiFi range
You can speak to your router now
Easy setup and network control
Multi-purpose router
Neat design
Bad Stuff 
Audio quality is not the best
No Apple Music support (Unlike Echo devices)