This does mean a considerable bump up in price and we’re here to find out if it’s worth it.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s a host of good looking gaming laptops out there in the market today, but you would be delusional if you didn’t agree that the Alienware M15 makes most, if not all of them, look like ancient typewriters sitting smug in an internet cafe.

However, the looks and design aren’t the only factors that made us give it the crown. It’s exemplary performance to price ratio and the overall package was what did it for the previous generation. While the R3 does look and feel the same, there’s been some heavy changes under its beautiful bonnet that paves the way for this review. 

The previous generation R2 models started at a cool ₹1,60,000 but this new version looks at a price bump of around ₹30,000. That kind of money obviously justifies the bump up in processor, but begs the question - do you really need it? Stuff’s answer is obviously a bit fat tempting yes.


Design to die for

Pop this bad boy out in a busy Doolally Taproom and you’d immediately get attention, respect and maybe even a cider on the house... well you know what they say about looking pretty. It does have its advantages and there’s nothing on the market that beats it yet. It’s sophisticated with a hint of professional but isn’t afraid to drop the class act and get gaming at a LAN party.  

The R2 came with more of a soft-touch exterior that was a grime and dust magnet. The new finish is a tad less soft and much smoother compared to the old one and now doesn’t invite grime and smudges as if they were its friendly neighbour. So, now you don’t need to skimp on those Cheetos and can stuff a mouthful, but using a sanitizer would be a good idea regardless.  While the glossy border remains around the display, it also gets new rubber trims running along the walls. This gives the lid much-needed rigidity as well as reduces the impact when you shut it, increasing overall life. We named this glossy trim ‘Arnab’ for the kind of attention it grabs, and to make it clear, it’s not of the good kind.


Display is still top dog

While that 4K display is drop-dead gorgeous and gets brighter than your future, if you’re serious about gaming, we would opt for the Full Hd variant that is a 300Hz panel and comes with 3ms response time. The 60Hz 4K variant we have has surely made our eyes tinkle through but fast-paced games and shooters will want to look away from this one and also save some moolah while at it. But if you plan to use the R3 as an overall system dedicated to work, entertainment, video editing and are into games that don’t demand really fast-paced action and reaction times, the 4K display releases dopamine and you should absolutely treat your eyes to it.


Audio Tracks

The bottom-firing speakers you got on the R2 did an okay job of audio, but this time around two new front-firing units take charge. It is still not as good as the audio from say a MacBook but it is an improvement nonetheless.

Thankfully, the keyboard remains unchanged and the 1.7mm of travel is a bloody brilliant feel on the fingertips. The glass trackpad remains too, but Alienware has fixed that buggy scroll issue and it now clicks loud and proud.


Power power power

Yes, 16GBs was all you could get on the R2 and it is now bumped up to 32 gigs, making it a power horse. There are three NVMe SSD slots now for those who want more memory in 

there and the reversed motherboard design is a joy.

With the stonking Core i9 10980 backed up by 32GBs of RAM under the hood, the R3 comes out on top, scoring 8801 in the Time Spy benchmark test on 3DMark and scores another big 5537 on the Fire Strike Ultra test. All while keeping things under 85-degrees. 

Although the same amount of cash can get you a proper desktop card and a full-fledged gaming desktop system, you’re not going to be able to take that to a cafe and score a free coffee.

Games like PUBG and other mainstream titles are offered to you on a golden platter with a voluptuous 100+ fps. It does get loud but surprisingly stays cooler than the previous generation even when put under massive load and that’s all thanks to an added vapour chamber.



While not much has changed from the outside, Alienware’s new baby has bumped up a lot on the inside. The very fact that the company has listened to the community critique and actually taken steps to make this already rounded product better, spells laurels for the brand. Is it still Stuff’s favourite all-rounder? Hell YES.

Stuff says... 

Alienware M15 R3 review

Stuff’s favourite gaming laptop comes with more polish and prowess than ever, still the one to beat 
Good Stuff 
Best design ever
Great display
Minor improvements = major impact
32GB RAM Upgrade
Keeps its cool under pressure
Bad Stuff 
Glossy trim still remains