The Stuff office usually goes up in cheers when we see a product with an alien head on it. Especially the ones that light up and cost an arm and a leg. Alienware laptops have been dominating our gaming laptop category for quite some time and out of curiosity, we welcomed its budget (rarely does that word pop up with an Alienware product) gaming headphones with equal enthusiasm. Will it survive our tough love or will it fall into the abyss of ‘ew’?

It’s difficult to describe the shape and design of the Alienware headset. It’s oddly shaped, almost like an upside-down egg with the edge cut off and shaped to resemble the rear heat vents of Alienware gaming laptops. Although it still manages to have big circular ear cushions. The entire build is made from matte-finished plastic and like all plastic built headsets, they give way to creaks every now and then.

Cushioning is soft and comfortable. The mesh-like fabric on the cushions adds ventilation so it doesn’t get too hot during long gaming sessions. It feels nice on the skins too. The headband also gets the same mesh treatment with a good amount of swivel and tilt adjustments.

We hoped for the cable to be a bit longer but alas, these are made to be paired with gaming laptops. If you’re a foot and a half from the rear ports of your desktop, the cable is going to keep tugging and irritating. 

Unfortunately, that not the only irritating thing about the Alienware 310H headset. The audio quality is lacklustre. There’s no body or power from this headset. While playing a round of Valorant the headsets sound tinny. These are not made for first-person shooters, especially competitive. The stereo separation and imaging are not the best here. We tried Hades and the Alienware fail to bring forth the pulsing rhythm from its soundtrack. 

Even if the overall audio quality doesn’t excite us as much, the vocals are done well enough for the budget. Amit Trivedi’s voice in Madhubala is deep and emotional although everything else lacks character here. The Alienware 310H ditch depth for vocal clarity. This is expected because these are meant for Discord conversations and casual gaming. Speaking of which, the retractable microphone is not the best too. The in-line mute button is very handy but the mic itself is not really good at picking up audio.

Of all the things that could go wrong with budget gaming headphones, the mediocre sound is probably the most expected of them all. The Alienware 310H isn’t the most horrible sound pair of headphones but there are other headphones that do audio and features a lot better than these. The HyperX Cloud Core 7.1 we reviewed recently sound better and come with more features.

The Competition 
Tech Specs 
Frequency Response
20 - 40000 Hz
Mute, volume
32 Ohm
Stuff says... 

Alienware 310H gaming headset review

The 310H need more polish and features to proudly wear the Alienware badge
Good Stuff 
Good vocal clarity
Nice cushioning and fit
Pleasant materials used
Bad Stuff 
Don’t sound great
Not best for FPS games
The microphone needs a lot of work
The cable is too short