The Boost tech is what you want to fling a bag of cash as quick as possible because these cleats are comfy as it gets. Possible why fans of Adidas are pitting it against the expensive UItra Boost but those are made for performance.

The single-piece upper hugs your feet on all sides. Albeit, the squeeze on the sides is a bit too much and that’s why I feel they’re different from the Ultra Boost. There are mesh patterns across the shoes. The upper, tongue area and even in-between the three stripes. There’s even a gum covering over the mesh material bang in the centre on both sides of each shoe. The TPU material on the upper lends an aggressive, sporty-like look to the ZX 2K Boost. It’s also present on the lacing area with reflective material squished in-between.


And if you run along with its full-length Boost midsole you’ll see a rubberised section on the heel area. Our review colour variant goes from solar red to blue in a not-so-subtle gradient and we kinda love it. The rubberised area also adds extra inches to your diminutive stature. Around the heel area, you’ll also get a leather-like material which sits between the blue rubber heel counter and the rubberised section encasing the Boost. There’s also the solar red pull tab here.

These are not your running shoes. At least I wouldn’t go running in them because the black outsole and the TPU lines on the upper ain’t flexible enough for your athletic needs. The Boost sole, however, is squishy, to say the least. These are really comfortable lifestyle shoes and the gradient look is fabulous. And if you stick your nose to it, you’ll notice a slight bit of gradient on the three strips as well.

We recommend going a size above for people with broad feet because the upper can really hug a bit too much. It might leave some room in the toe-box though. 

If you’re looking to grab comfortable everyday shoes, the ZX 2K Boost will not hit the bank as hard as the Ultra Boost. And if you’re looking to take them to the gym, watch out for the Adidas X9000L4 & X9000L3 which are priced similar and we might do a review on those too. Also, if you’re looking for a different colourway, Adidas has launched a lot, and I mean A LOT of colourways for these shoes! You’ll probably be scratching your head over which one to go for but it’s better than getting just two. There’s even a 4D version of it that cost ₹21,999. Yikes. 

Stuff says... 

Adidas ZX 2K Boost review

Comfort of the Ultraboost dipped into lifestyle aesthetic without breaking the bank
Good Stuff 
Very comfortable
Priced well
Too many colour options is brilliant
Bad Stuff 
Upper might not be for all seasons and places