We have already crossed that point where the data we generate, download and store is bursting out of proportion, especially photos, videos and music.

Your smartphone today can create images that are around 15MB each, while high-res music can occupy more than 150MB too. Now if we consider you also download some movies, then a good 4K movie takes up to 8GB+ each. So imagine your puny smartphone or portable hard drive that is already suffocating with your operating system and software, now struggling to also store your data. The next concern is — what if your laptop or smartphone breaks, or worse, you lose it. Your data is gone pooof! Option — have an external backup, always.

Adata SD600Q 240GB SSD Design and Specifications

Adata, a company known for storage mediums, has something for you that will not only help keep your data safe, but also readily available. Small and cute, compact and rugged, this tiny portable SSD storage will help you transfer data in and out at the highest speeds imaginable. Built with a rubber-plastic combo, the chassis is made to handle falls and drops without damaging the internal circuit. Sadly, the Adata SD600Q is not waterproof, so make sure you keep it away from spills and moisture, or else say goodbye to that last stored musical piece that you ever sang when high on some bubbly juice. But yeah — this one is pretty light and you can store a good millions of songs or 100+ movies, or your life’s research work within your tiny jean pocket. And it can easily take a 1.22-metre fall and still survive — thanks to the US Military MIL-STD-810G 516.6 standard it is built with.

Built within is a good 240GB of room for all your exquisite data that is hosted by a 3D NAND flash that offers better reliability and higher storage capacities at an affordable price and smaller size. Leave out that techie stuff and this is all you need to know — 240GB of data on a 60g squarish-rubberish-plasticky puck-sized box that can transfer a 4K movie or two in under a minute, but provided you have a USB 3.2 USB port on your swanky new laptop. It bundles along a USB 3.2 cable that you need to hold on to every time you need to use it. Sadly, we would have appreciated a USB Type-C port/cable since we are a bunch of spoiled brats with an Apple under our palms.

Adata SD600Q 240GB SSD Performance

We assume you are not here to understand the techie-geeky stuff we run around while testing gadgets. So let’s make it a lot simpler for you. The Adata SD600Q 240GB SSD was tested on a PC and MAC, and we noted that it can transfer data anywhere between 90MB to a whopping 250MB in one second. You can also expect higher speeds as everything depends on the time of data transfer (with multiple software being used simultaneously), the type of hardware used (USB 3.x gen), the type of storage your lappie has (HDD or SSD) and lastly, the type of files you are transferring (single large, multiple small, etc).
Now those scores are what you can expect in a practical world, while the company teases you with speed claims as high as 440MB per second. Those are synthetic scores done on a specific, controlled test bed that is similar to car manufacturers claiming bizarre mileages as usual, when the on-road real-world figures are far lower.

Adata SD600Q 240GB SSD Verdict

This little wonder is a no-brainer storage medium that can help you lug your data around wherever you travel. Be it sharing data between friends/PCs, simply storing them as a backup or working live on files right off the drive, the Adata SD600Q is a high-speed storage option you should consider in your bag. The drives are available in three different colours (blue/red/black) and three different storage variants (240GB/480GB/960GB).

Stuff says... 

Adata SD600Q 240GB SSD review

A safer, simple, compact, rugged and cute high-speed external storage for anyone on a constant move
Good Stuff 
Very compact
Light and portable
Good r/w speeds
Rugged casing
Bad Stuff 
USB cable could be lost/damaged easily
Type-C USB would have been desirable, more practical
Not waterproof