Just consider for a moment how many paper coffee cups you get through in a year. If you have daily cup of Joe, you’re looking at your own personal landfill within a couple of years. Shame on you, you paper-wasting monster.

Now, those metal insulated cups are OK, but they come with more than a hint of smug tightwaddery. Enter I Am Not a Paper Cup. A design icon made into porcelain, this mirrors the instantly recognisable stylings of a takeaway cup, but unlike its paper counterpart won’t kill any polar bears every time you use it.


And it’s not just the eco credentials that set it apart from the cup crowd. The double-walled thermal porcelain means that it keeps the contents of your cup hot, but keeps the outside finger-friendly.

The usual plastic lid is replaced with snug-fitting silicon, which also retains the heat, although we found that it needs a bit of a scrubbing from time to time to stop a build-up on the inside. That said, you can always sling him straight into the dishwasher, but we’re far too eco for that.

What’s more, we’ve never known a cup to elicit so many ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ – people are fascinated when they find out it’s, er, not a paper cup. And some coffee shops will even give you a discount if you use your own cup. Canny stylings, eco credentials and penny-saving points – that’s the kind of cup we like.

Stockist: I Want One Of Those

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I Am Not A Paper Cup review

A design icon that’ll keep your coffee hot and your conscience clear