HTC is the master of customisation, tweaking its Android handsets to within an inch of their lives. The Radar runs Windows Phone 7.5, and while that's trickier to tinker with, HTC has still produced a unique smartphone.

HTC Radar – loaded with extras

The HTC Hub has the company's signature weather app sitting front and centre. The phone also features HTC's video download store, HTC Watch, along with Locations, the navigation app with free downloadable mapping.

HTC Radar – speed

In use, the Radar feels significantly quicker than many other 1GHz phones. Its lovely rich screen is especially suited to videos, while other HTC widgets come in handy, particularly the sticky Notes app which puts reminders on Post-It style notes which even curl up with age.

HTC Radar – industrial build

HTC’s industrial design is as appealing as ever, with sloping edges and a tactile metallic unibody casing that make the phone feel classy, comfy and solid. The 5MP camera is fast and effective, with the hardware shutter button even usable when the screen is locked.

UPDATE Star rating adjusted to reflect age and new competitors

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HTC Radar review

Sleek, fast and handsome, with a classy Windows Phone interface