BenQ’s DLP 4K projector is daylight bright - and properly colourful

It’ll cost more than a monthly multiplex membership, mind
14 March 2017 / 7:00GMT

Not since that incident with the police torch and the stained-glass window has there been such a glorious melding of brightness and colour: meet BenQ’s X12000, the first home cinema projector to deliver 4K in the DLP projector format. Enlisting the help of Philips LEDs, it kicks out movies with 2200 lumens of shiny brightness while serving up a Technicolor treat, in the form of the cinema-standard DCI-P3 spectrum. To cut things down to teaser trailer size, it’s basically the dream combination of sensational saturation and the sort of light output that sunglasses were made for - and it’ll fit in your living room.


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