New AR Lego sets have a spooky Hidden Side

Brickin’ it
15 February 2019 / 10:32GMT

Kids might all be obsessed with Fortnite, slime and competitive vaping these days but you still can’t beat a good Lego set. In the hope of tempting more sprogs back to the brick, Lego has announced a haunting new range called Hidden Side - eight sets that will be boosted by the addition of AR. Point the app at a fully constructed Hidden Side model and you’ll get interactive mysteries and spooky challenges to solve beyond the bricks. The sets don’t then dissolve into the background, though, you must still interact with them in order to complete the tasks, so the two worlds are well and truly merged. The Hidden Side sets will be available in August, with prices ranging from £17.99 to £109.99.

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