Adventures with Luigi Starter Course immortalises Mario’s brother in Lego form

20 April 2021 / 12:03BST

When Lego Super Mario arrived last summer, Luigi was conspicuously absent. Don’t worry – Bowser hadn’t (plastic) bricked him up. Instead, the ‘other brother’ was biding his time, ready for Adventures with Luigi Starter Course (£49.99, available 1 August). Much like the Mario starter course, this one’s all you need to get started with Nintendo and Lego’s oddball mash-up of brick-building and videogaming. You get sort-of computer Luigi (with animated eyes, mouth and chest panel), a start pipe, and various bits and bobs to construct your own real-world levels. Pink Yoshi is there for moral support and interaction, and a brick-built Boom Boom and Bone Goomba lurk, ready to have their heads stomped on in an unsporting manner. How Lego Mario and Lego Luigi will interact remains to be seen, but Luigi’s starter pack at least gives them a see-saw to faff about on when they’re done rescuing princesses from castles and duffing up evil anthropomorphic turtles.

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