The POCO is a DIY handheld Pi-powered computer and games console

Chip off the old block
11 January 2019 / 9:00GMT

Sinclair. The name alone twangs nostalgia glands for any Brit who grew up with 1980s home computers. And now Grant Sinclair, nephew of Sir Clive, is getting in on the family act with POCO (£149). Like the iconic ZX80 and ZX81, this little beauty rocks up in kit form; but once assembled (which takes about 30 minutes), the newcomer is vastly more powerful than those ancient beasts. Powered by a Pi zero W, and including a camera, rechargeable battery, and 2.8in 320x240px touchscreen display, POCO can become a media player, tiny computer, mobile coding station, or games machine. Install RetroPie and you can even immerse yourself in mobile Speccy retro-gaming bliss, in a way that would have made 1980s Sir Clive’s head spin in wonder.

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